Next Product Intro Decisions

I’ve seen two articles in two days with new products (air purifier and smartlock v2), each with relatively low votes on the Wyze community boards, The lock I get, even with its low existing user priority. The air purifier left me a little bewildered. Certainly other products have higher vote counts - dashcam, WiFi garage opener and smoke/co detector being top three. Two of those would round out HMS nicely. Obviously new product intro takes months of planning, I just can’t help be curious what the decision tree must look like for some of these.

No real answer is expected, discuss amongst yourselves.

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Interesting, have not seen the lock. Something to consider if they come out with it.

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Following multiple links they are also planning to release a smart lock box/gun safe soon. I think there may be many more in the works.


Wow that Zatz is cold blooded. But he’s not wrong. :wink:

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Key question is when will it shift from ‘researching’ to ‘development’?