Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

I just returned $1200 of nest protects ($100 each in costco 2-packs, normally $119 each) because i decided I didn’t want to start a separate ecosystem for my new rentals

so…wyze…hurry up!

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If this product comes to be, there must be integration with Home Monitoring. Mainly because I think we’d all like to see a larger discount on our home owner’s insurance.


100% agree on integration with home monitoring

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I use another service which includes the carbon and smoke detection. It does save money with my insurance and provides awesome peace of mind knowing the fire department will be called if I can’t answer the call.

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Thank you. I’m really new to the forums and I apologize for not knowing this info.

I appreciate your help in learning and that you didn’t bash me for not knowing this.

Thank you again!!

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The smoke/co detector was promised back in March, but is it a Wyze priority?

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Shouldn’t this be in development? I thought that they were supposed to add this feature to the HMS system?

Glad to help!

I don’t know, sorry! Just going to have to keep an eye on the thread to see you when there’s updates done.

It’s been mentioned in this thread before, but bears mentioning again since it’s been almost 2 and a half years since Wyze Smoke/CO Detector was first ‘Wished’. Alexa can monitor and alert you when your s/co detector goes off.

How to set up Alexa Guard on an Amazon Echo http://ow.ly/hmyX30s3etZ

They should come out with a c0 smoke alarm listener for HMS they don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

You can setup your camera to detect smoke/co alarms under settings → alarm settings

Yes, you can do that but please notice that it is not 100% reliable. When I was testing it many cameras just heard sound but didn’t recognize it a smoke alarm.
However, when you have many cameras then probably at least one of them recognizes the fire alarm sound correctly. Same applies to CO alarm.

Yes, why don’t they copy Ring’s alarm audio listener? :hugs:

Nah. We’re looking for integration with HMS. Plus I don’t have a camera indoors.


They have that feature and because it’s not reliable it doesn’t qualify as a “monitored alarm system” for homeowner insurance discounts.

So you’re saying Ring doesn’t offer a discount for fire and c02?

Well, according to this link (1) you can get the same type of certificate and discount as you can get with Wyze. But if it monitors fire and CO with audio the discount should be the same (very small) amount. They report a $20USD/month ($200/annual) subscription includes emergency police, fire and medical response (I would post a link but I’m limited to 2 per post) and estimate that your insurance savings should cover but I can confirm that you won’t save nearly enough without fire and CO discounts.

The other link (2) indicates that the alarms only listen and not sense anything themselves. Maybe because they are dedicated listeners and not cameras with microphones enabled that makes the difference in reliability and performance so they can get certified? QUOTE: Place within 6 inches of existing smoke or CO alarms (for optimal performance, install within 3 inches)


  1. support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048711732-How-to-get-a-professional-monitoring-certificate-for-your-insurance-company
  2. ring.com/products/alarm-smoke-co-listener

So it is 2022 and it has been 2.5 years since this topic was created. Are we any closer to a date for a product being released? I’d love to replace my Nest Protects that have been finicky. I’d be looking for 8-10+ of these if they were to be released. I just surpassed 100 Wyze devices at Christmas with several others on pre-order or waiting for stock to be replaced. So I am fully invested in Wyze now lol.

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Completely agree: there are over 400 forum users asking for this, which is a significant number by comparison to other requests. The technology is there, since Wyze competitors offer connected smoke/CA alarms. And I’m confident they would be good sellers: every new and existing HMS customer would be potential buyers, probably of several units. I myself would pick up at least 5 right off the bat.

Wyze, please prioritize core products this instead of squandering your resources on frivolous fluff like light strips, remote control cars, multiple models of ear buds and bath scales, etc!

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