Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

I also signed-up for the forums solely to make this request. Hoping for a wyze smoke detector.


A simple first step alternative is for Wyze to use their existing alarm sound recognition technology (in the cameras) and create a plug in bridge. It could also be integrated in the other current bridges.
The new bridges could then be used for future wireless (preferred for me) detectors when developed.

Paul Vangrieken

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It would have to meet the reliability requirements of a life-safety application.

Probably requires a peer to peer network, maybe a mesh network for more than two. Probably not wifi.

YES! My home insurance only went down $10 when I added Wyze burglar alarm but a fire alarm would make a significant impact. Since we all need fire alarms and home insurance the things will pay for themselves in a couple years even if they are $60 or $100 each. I’m not encouraging price gouging but there is defiantly a market here we’re missing.

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Me too!

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would love a combo smoke co2 detector so i can fully migrate off nest platform


Better yet: smoke/CO/explosive gas detector! A gas leak can destroy your home and/or kill anyone in it even faster than a fire.


Probably would need to detect LEL for both propane and natural gas, but I agree, those can be dangerous.

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A Wyze Smoke Detector could be UNIQUE by combining a smart smoke detector with a Mesh Wifi System. Wifi is best when located high in a room (above people’s heads and other objects). And a mesh approach could link multiple smoke detectors around the house for excellent coverage. Lastly, no power is required if this was connected via standard wired-smoke detector wiring harnesses.


Has anyone from Wyze said if they are working on this or if it is part of their roadmap? I like this forum, but it would be nice to know exactly what products are coming so I can wait and get the Wyze product instead of buying something else. If I knew they were working on a smoke detector then I wouldn’t buy one from another company.

If someone knows the status of this or someone from Wyze can comment, that would be great.

If you look at the “tag” at the top of the wishlist or roadmap items, you’ll see the status as marked by Wyze team members. In this threads instance, it’s marked as “researching”.

Which means:

Check the Status

We plan to update the status with locked tags so that you know where your request is in the pipeline. The tags we’ll be using are:

  • researching - We’re looking into this and trying to select a good method for implementation but we’re not at a point of working on it yet.
  • maybe-later - This isn’t on our internal roadmap at this point but we’ve seen and considered it. Sometimes features that we plan to implement later but haven’t come up in the pipeline are in this category.
  • probably-not - We’ve read and considered this but for one reason or another this is pretty unlikely to happen. We’ll generally try to make a post about why it’s in this category. Posts here aren’t going to the tag to die. Sometimes we may make a change (like new hardware) that will open up more possibilities so we’ll keep an eye on it.

Also keep an eye on the original post as alot of the time it gets edited with a message with status updates.


It took a little while before I noticed that status indicator. I was very happy when I noticed this one. The smoke detector is my second most wanted product.

I just returned $1200 of nest protects ($100 each in costco 2-packs, normally $119 each) because i decided I didn’t want to start a separate ecosystem for my new rentals

so…wyze…hurry up!

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If this product comes to be, there must be integration with Home Monitoring. Mainly because I think we’d all like to see a larger discount on our home owner’s insurance.


100% agree on integration with home monitoring

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I use another service which includes the carbon and smoke detection. It does save money with my insurance and provides awesome peace of mind knowing the fire department will be called if I can’t answer the call.

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Thank you. I’m really new to the forums and I apologize for not knowing this info.

I appreciate your help in learning and that you didn’t bash me for not knowing this.

Thank you again!!

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The smoke/co detector was promised back in March, but is it a Wyze priority?

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Shouldn’t this be in development? I thought that they were supposed to add this feature to the HMS system?

Glad to help!