Hi - New to this world…I just want to monitor if my kiddos are bringing people into my home when I’m not here. Should I just turn the camera on when I’m not here with Motion Detection activated? And then if/when I get that alert, I just check into the app, correct? I don’t have an SD card so I think it’s not going to record anything (other than the 14 day freebie). Thanks!

SD cards can solve a lot of mysteries. Like if someone knocks over the lamp, but for some reason the motion detection doesn’t catch it (not set right, or it happened during the 5-minute cool down from the last motion event). If you were recording in continuous mode onto the SD card, you can just find the point where the lamp was last upright and watch the footage from there.

If you have kids in the house there is a good chance you will get a lot of motion alerts. Be prepared for that, it can get irritating.

Yes, just check the ‘events’ tab for the 12-second video clips of motion events. That’s another thing – sometimes that isn’t long enough, and you want to check the SD card for more.

Thank you! They’re not supposed to be here when I’m not here so I’m hoping that there’s NOT much action :slight_smile::grinning: Your response is helpful, have a good day/evening.

If your “kiddos” are old enough to invite friends over the can probably circumvent surveillance.
Good luck.

Sounds like you might need to be sneaky about it and conceal it best you can so they don’t know it’s even there .
Some people use a marker to make the white part of the camera Black so it’s easier to conceal
Some people have come up with some pretty good ways of hiding their cams
You should definitely get an SD card .
Did you buy a pan cam or a v2