New Wyze Sense as a Standalone Hub and Sensor System

Hi Wild Bill - I did follow the link provided above to “purchase a hub without a subscription” however the link only brought me to the main shopping page for the Wyze Sense Hub bundle.

When did you purchase your system

Just a couple weeks ago.

Posted this on another thread by you:

Apparently Wyze changed the link…

I started to guess as much. Thanks for recommending the prior link anyways though.

Wyze Sense Sensor v2 (Offer Stand-alone Option)

It would be nice if these V2 Sensors came pre-packaged with their own stand-alone mini-hub.
Or if they created V3 sensors that could be paired with the Cam V3 or Pan V2 products. :grinning:

But as it stands, purchasing a $70 Home Monitoring Kit, just to make a $25 set of Sensors work, makes absolutely ZERO sense. :confused:

“I currently own the original V1 Sensors and I may try to keep these (and the Bridge) FOREVER unless something more practical comes along.” :thinking:

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Does the Hub keep your devices up and running if the internet is off but not home wifi is still online? IE sensors still work, lights coming on on schedules?

I’ve seen in the past where everything stopped working due to an issue with the Wyze internet servers/access?

I don’t think the new hub changes any of that. If the internet connection is down all the rules will stop working as will activation of lights. The hub doesn’t really have much to do with any of that other than acting as the connection point for the new sensors and handling the home monitoring pieces. I don’t think that will work if the internet connection is down.

Stand alone motion sensors

Why are there no motion sensors that don’t have to be connected to home monitoring?

Beginning of Dec I purchased the Starter kits with extra sensors and the minimum one month HMS that was available, was told everything would still work after the month subscription was over - I set everything up (but never activated the HMS) - and just as promised, everything worked stand alone for the month of December - then all stopped working as soon as Jan 1st hit - and Wyze now tells me that NONE of the sense v2 items will function without the HMS service - the sensors all still fire ( lights when open/close, flash when motion sensed) and show up in the app, but there is ZERO communication now between the sensors and the app, which is what then triggers all the other actions, so it looks like you cannot use v2 sensors for home automation - without a subscription - this is [Mod Edit]

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This is just a guess…there is an option to add the hub and sensors to the account/app without going through the HMS setup (or at least there was at the beginning.) If you’re game you could remove HMS and add the hub and such directly. NOTE: I have not tried this nor do I know if anyone else has so cannot confirm that it would work nor can I say you wouldn’t need to add back HMS if it didn’t. Only a suggestion of something to try.

Hi Wildbill Thanks for the tips, I never initially set it up via HMS, I always just used the + option in the app and added the hub and sensors that way - I dont have HMS set up - whats strange, everything worked great until Dec 31st, then in Jan, nothing, and my free month of HMS was supposed to be active though Jan 11th?

Spoke to someone today in Wyze - USA and they CONFIRMED that users should be able to use the Hub and sensors stand alone after cancelling HMS, but its still not working for me - OY!

So now you can buy the hub and sensors as stand alone … Misread this earlier. You can get the starter kit by going to the shop via the Wyze app, but it is only available without the HMS subscription.

Is there an actual hardware difference vs the home monitoring starter kit? Cuz you can get those for $50 at HomeDepot rather than $78 for this.

Nope, same hardware. They’ve just decided to sell them without the HMS subscription. The HomeDepot ones are the same but were coming with 6mos HMS included.

Why are they making people pay for the keypad? The whole point of buying this kit without having to subscribe is for people who don’t want the subscription!

I guess the landfill people need to keep working.

I cant find that on the App Shop today - Wyze just credited me $30 since my v1 Sense motions wont connect ( but still blink 3 times) after I changed the battery and again, insisted that the HMS was required and that you cant get the Hub and kit standalone, they are flip flopping

I’ve received multiple copies of the same email today saying you can buy it without monitoring. Once again, Wyze isn’t informing support about changes to marketing.

I understand after reading this thread that this latest email was just their way of saying, “You can buy the Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware without a subscription now”. But what I don’t understand is that they say, “Wyze Sense Hub ties it all together. Now your sensors have a direct connection to WiFi and a siren to keep intruders at bay.” So…if that’s the case, then they’re telling me I can now use the siren with this bundle…but as it stands today, the only way to access the siren feature is to arm/disarm in the monitoring tab. You can’t do it via rules in the traditional part of the Wyze app. I’d love to see if possibly you have access to the monitoring tab (without professional services, of course) when you have this hardware but no subscription now. Otherwise, they just stated this incorrectly in the email.

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