New Wyze Sense as a Standalone Hub and Sensor System

@wildbill , you are correct. You really don’t need to activate. Everything will work as you described.

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Still the cheapest solution on the market though. Lucky you got it before the price jump!

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And the sensors have just about doubled in price too.

really excited for the leak and climate sensors, but not at all about door sensors and home monitoring. will the hub be available standalone?

The response is the same as it has been since the introduction of WHMS…eventually. Wyze has said repeatedly that the sensors and hub will eventually be sold stand alone, but no date.

There’s folks that want the sensor - extra sensors, but don’t want to buy another hub to get it. If you want just the hub, buy the kit and break it down. Put the stuff you don’t need/want on eBay and put a link here to the stuff on eBay.

Make everyone happy.

+1 to this request. I just want the temperature sensors right now. Not interested in home security.

You still need the hub in addition to the sensors, as far as I know.


I returned my HMS Sense 2 system. I don’t want the trouble associated with an alarm company. I was perfectly happy with Sense V1 until they all started dying. I have since started using switches and sensors and products. More granularity in features and better range. Both require a hub. Prices are about $20. Yosmart range is 1,000 feet. Yosmart/Yolink water sensor is $18 on Amazon. Lots of choices.

All merge and are available to use in routines in Alexa. The only feature I don’t get that Wyze gave me was the motion sensor triggering recording of the camera - without Cam Plus.

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I totally agree. A big selling feature of Wyze for me is the ability to customize my own security set up and monitor it myself. I’m not looking for another security monitoring company. I’ve been happy with most of the products so far, except the door sensors which have all failed. I would definately like the new sensors but without paying for them to be monitored.


As a long time Wyze customer and user I have been overall happy with the product. However I find it absolutely bizarre that I can’t purchase the new wyze sense products without also subscribing to home monitoring. One of the big selling features of wyze for me has been that I can customize the system as I see fit and not be tied into a monitoring company. It works just fine to set the system up to notify me directly. Please take a closer look at this and make wyze sense available for purchase without the monitoring.
Also, your products including wyze sense should be made available in Canada.



Wyze’s FAQ implies the sensors won’t work without the home monitoring:

Is that just misleading (by not clarifying that the hardware will continue working after cancelling the monitoring service), or have they changed their policy?

I’ve got a lot of V1 motion and contact/door sensors I use to trigger lights turning on and off, etc… They’ve all begun failing or are becoming less reliable… If the V2’s are more reliable, I’d be game to buy a bunch, but don’t want to be on the hook for a subscription for life to keep the hardware working.

I’d love to keep using Wyze, but the company is is getting really frustrating — now I’m stuck with failing V1s that I can’t purchase replacements for, with the more expensive V2 path also maybe kinda sort of requiring a subscription … This maneuvering makes me question any continued commitment to their ecosystem. You’d think best practice would be to support early adopters while trying to upsell on new services, not abandon existing users with dying tech while launching subscription only products… It’d be like if Seamless/Grubhub stopped letting people order food entirely unless they upgraded to their dubious subscription model first.

Not to mention — you can only get extra contact sensors and motion as part of the initial bundle with the hub? So even with the subscription it seems like a poor substitute for what I was using V1 for, unless I make sure to buy everything at once I hope none of it ever fails like the V1s did… So confusing.

Do V1 sensors perform any better once paired with the new hub? Maybe I could stretch out their lifespan a bit.

I’m hoping they’ll make this a standalone kit sooner than later. About two months ago my lights connected to the V1 sensors started acting weird and have been ever since. Typically things like one of the two lights will either not come on or will be the wrong color temperature or brightness. Sometimes neither light will come on at all. This started on the same day with all of my sensors (one motion, two contact). Now I have two dead contact sensors and only my motion sensor works. While I bought them less than a year ago, I have already gone through the process with Support and they no longer replace them. So I am hoping we will be able to purchase the hub and V2 sensors as a kit so I can set up my lights to work properly again.

Apparently you can purchase the starter kit stand-alone now (Info courtesy of @carverofchoice.) And yes, they work as ordinary sensors without the subscription, just not as an alarm system or for anything connected with home monitoring, per se.

5pc Home Monitoring Kit

5pc Starter Kit includes: Sense Hub x1, Keypad x1, Entry Sensor v2 x2, Motion Sensor v2 x1

Price: USD 79.98

That link indicates you can buy a starter kit without the subscription, but as wildbill said, they will just work as sensors with push notifications and automation rules, not as an alarm system that calls the cops.

Also, the keypad is worthless without the subscription but you can sell it off. I saw one sell on ebay for $35 which would lower the cost a little in the end.




Oh, interesting — thanks for the extra info! I’d been looking at the “shop” section of the Wyze iOS app, and currently there they only list the V1 sensors (but marked as out of stock) and no V2 options (outside of the full Home Monitoring subscription package)… But seeing they’ve got a la carte options on the site now makes this more tempting to try out.

Wyze is baiting and switching its customers out right. Before purchasing I had chatted with a Wyze agent about cancellation policies for the “home monitoring subscription”. They said it can be cancelled at any time, and cancellation would not affect the function of the Sense Hub + accessories. So I bought the hub, paid for the subscription. When I request a cancellation and refund for the subscription a couple weeks later, I’m suddenly told I’d also have to return the Sense Hub too!! NO WHERE while purchasing the Hub + Subscription does it explicitly state this. No where on the forums posted by Wyze employees does it state this. I sent screenshots and links of Wyze’s website back to the service rep who is replying to my refund request.
So… you’re telling me that I cannot buy V1 sensors off the site anymore. The new sensors require the hub. Which require purchase of a subscription, that customer service explicitly stated, as does the website, that it can be “cancelled at anytime!”. Yet, when I asked for a request I’m told I have to return the hub, that I need for the multiple new sensors I also purchased, because I can’t find V1 sensors anymore?!

This doesn’t sound correct to me, I will look into this a bit and see what I can find out

I believe there is a requirement to return the starter kit if you buy it in connection with an annual subscription. The reason for that is the discount on the kit. If you do a monthly subscription you pay full price for the starter kit and it is yours to keep.

Also, if you look at my post above, you can purchase the starter kit without a subscription.

Looking forward to your reply. I combed the Wyze website product descriptions and forums posted by Wyze employees. And it DOES NOT STATE that the hub would have to be returned in order to cancel either/or the Yearly or Monthly subscription.
I’ve simply asked to cancel, and get a refund on the subscription. Why is that so hard to do?
Currently, the Wyze agent has cancelled my subscription, but will not issue a refund.
All the website says, multiple times, is that the subscriptions can be cancelled at “anytime”. So. If I’m cancelling where’s the logic in withholding a refund?
I’ve asked to have this resolved immediately, a few times now. I guess if it isn’t here soon my only option is to file a complaint with the FTC for horrible business practice, and bait and switch gimmicks. Oh, and cancelling services but withholding refunds too. So much extra work to do, just to get a refund.