New Wyze Color Bulb no light, showing in app

Just picked up a two pack of the Wyze Color Bulbs. I installed them in a ceiling fixture on a circuit with a standard switch and no dimmer. I installed the Wyze app on my phone and started the setup. Upon flipping the switch, only one bulb pulsed and selected a blue color. I thought it might be doing only one bulb at a time with the setup, so I continued the process on my phone. However, I did find it odd that the other bulb didn’t pulse a color.

To my surprise, both bulbs showed during setup and after in the app. Bulb firmware was updated. Apparently, bulb 1 selected a green color to be it’s light color but wasn’t producing light. I want to point out that the app assigned this bulb as 1 and the one that worked as 2. I played with the color settings on both bulbs, bulb 2 worked as intended, but bulb 1 didn’t.

I then swapped the bulbs in the ceiling fixture, bulb 1 still didn’t produce light, but it kept showing on the app as working. Finally, I took bulb 1 to another fixture, where it was the same result. Afterward, I removed bulb 2 and placed both bulbs into the packaging to be returned.

So no light was ever produced by bulb 1? Sounds defective, go ahead and return it and get a replacement.

@IEatBeans is right,
The bulb 1 should have turned blue when powering the fixture. It is likely defective.

I have several Wyze Bulb Color and I really like them. They are very bright and very reliable.

Seems you have been unlucky with this pack.

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