Wyze Light showing blue instead of white


Light started showing up as bonus instead of white. I can change it to any other color just fine, but when I select white, it turns a turquoise blue. Happened ever since the last update. I even told Google Assistant to change it to green, orange, red, and it’s all fine, except for white.


I have the same issue. Bought a 4 pk on 22 January. A month later one bulb is dead. A month later the second bulb changes to any color but white. I deleted it and added it back with same issue. Submitted a log and still no response. Let me check spam/junk email now, just it case.


Same issue, Color bulb changes to any color but white. Any solution ?

There appears to be no fix. I emailed warranty and they sent me out a new bulb.

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What firmware versions on the can bulb? If the firmware version is up to date and it’s still doing that, like stated, I would contact Support for assistance and possible replacement.

Thanks for the response.

Bulbs Firmaware
Wyze App for Android 2.30.0 (130)

Borth of them are updated.

I´ll request for replacement

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I’ve been having the same problem with one of my four bulbs. It keeps randomly changing to the turquoise blue and then back to white, then turquoise blue, then white, etc. etc. When it’s in the turquoise blue color, I can move the color wheel around and get every single other color, but not white. Seems like this isn’t an isolated problem, so I’ll reach out to CS about it as well.

On the latest FW.

Same issue here just submitted a support ticket 2187854.

Interesting little find that until i go above 17% or 18% its white, then above there it turns the pale blue color.