"New" Wyze Cam Pan v3 from Amazon

I bought a Pan v3 from Amazon. The tape on the box had already been cut, there was no protective plastic on the camera, and when I activated it (today, 7/05/2023) it showed an activation date of 5/02/2023.
Is there any chance that it’s really new?

It’s possible it was a returned item. The activation date being earlier than you activating it seems suspect.

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I would be VERY suspicious of it being new. That’s one I would be reporting back to Amazon for replacement. No telling why it might have been returned previously, but you don’t want to wait to see if it has some sort of defect.

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I’m going to order another one, return this one, and write “used” on the box.


Probably the best plan of action. But I wouldn’t mark the box. Just return it the way I got it.


Maybe don’t write it on the box but place a small note inside the box?

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It was definitely used; the ‘replacement’ camera had plastic over the lens, the power cord had a rubber band on it, and it shows today as the activation date.
Amazon is getting the used on back, along with a note inside of the box.

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