New Wyze Band Keeps Flashing "WYZE BAND"

Just opened the box, saw the 4 character code on screen, fired up app, started Add process, it found the 4 character code, taped OK on the Wyze Band. Now it’s repeatedly flashing “WYZE BAND” (8 seconds on, 1 second off) and the Home button and the App doesn’t see it anymore. Tapping and holding Home cause it to vibrate, but that’s it. It was 89% charged and it’s on the charger now.

Is there anything on the Band I can press to reset it?

Wyze Band > Go to setting > Reset

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I have the same problem after trying to add the latest firmware. Since I can’t access the band from the app, there doesn’t seem to be a way to reboot it

Did you try the second half of StopICU33’s link, “To reset your device info from the band itself”?

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