New Wireless Access Point

After months of frustration I dumped my ISPs wireless access point and upgraded to a new WAP.

Now I have to reconnect all 30 of my WYZE devices,

Was just curious if there was a bulk way to update all devices without having to go through the setup on each device again?

Thanks for any insight


No, stop! If you don’t remember the settings, go get your old ISP device, make sure you know the SSID and password, and then simply make sure you configure your new access point with exactly the same SSID and password. Simple. The Wyze and other home WiFi devices don’t have to be touched.

'Cause otherwise the answer to your question would be no, you have to reset every Wyze device one by one.

Good luck.

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Thank you for your response.

I think it will be inevitable. At one time my ISPs support technician came on site and as part of his troubleshooting process factory reset their WAP, Same SSID, same password after the factory reset and I had to reconnect every device after that.

Including all of my other IoT devices,… multiple dots, shows, firesticks… garage door openers, smart switches… its a real pain in the rear.

But… my biggest problem was with the 5G on the ISPs WAP., it was constantly failing…hmmm thinking I could just use both access points and just use the ISPs WAP on the 2G channel for my IoT devices reducing my total number of end points on the primary WAP. :thinking:

Sorry but that doesn’t make sense. WiFi devices care only about frequency, SSID, and password. If you present your Wyze devices a router / access point providing the SAME SSID and password at 2.4 GHz that they were last set up on, it WILL work. (Oh yes, and same encryption method, e.g., WPA2.) I don’t care how dumb the ISP tech was the last time. It will work if you keep the same SSID.

You may have to power cycle the cameras. Maybe make sure the new router’s firewall isn’t overly restrictive. That’s it.

Your fallback plan is fine too though. Some people have reported issues with mesh gear that provides the same SSID on both bands.