Upgrading WiFi, keep or change SSID?

We’ve got several cameras and plugs and I’m going to soon upgrade our failing Apple Airport base stations (I forget the model but they’re about 10 years old) with a few Google Nest Wifi routers. From what I’ve read online the cameras shouldn’t have a problem but I’m a little hesitant and confused about the plugs.

Would it be better to keep the same SSID, or network name, or change? I’m curious about if that might help the plugs ease into the new network without having difficulties from not having a 2.4 specific band to connect to. Is that a problem or am I imaging it to be more of an issue than it is?

If you keep the same SSID and password everything should connect without input from you.

Not sure what you mean here. You do need a 2.4 Ghz band. Most new routers can have 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz with the same SSID. Devices will connect to the correct band automatically.


Thank you, angus.black! That’s what I was hoping to hear!

WIth my current set up it broadcast distinct SSID for each band and like you mentioned this new one puts them both on the same SSID. I was just afraid, based on some bad reports, that made setting up the plugs a bit more difficult.

I’m not positive on the WYZE plugs I just have cameras. Just going by what I’ve read.

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I did have to plug/unplug every device to get them to connect but it all worked flawlessly.



Having recently changed one of the SSIDs on my WiFi (yes, the one all my IoT stuff including the Wyze cameras are on), I can assure you that having to tell almost 30 devices to use a new SSID is a ROYAL PAIN IN THE BACKSIDE!
Avoid it if at all possible - unless there is a real need.

You could use the guess WiFi for your Wyze setup and smart devices keeping the same SSID. Then use a new primary SSID of a different name for your other stuff like computers, tablets and cell phones … or visa-versa.