Upgraded home WiFi - new network name - easiest way to update my (12) Wyze devices?

I upgraded from the original Google WiFi to the new Nest WiFi, and have been re-setting all sorts of connected things. I have 3 Wyze plugs, 4 Wyze bulbs, and 5 Wyze cams, and don’t see an easy way to re-configure the Network for the devices. Am I relegated to setting these all up from scratch again??? Thanks.

Curious to see how this turns out but I learned that keeping the same SSID/password is so much easier.

Same problem. I upgraded to ORBI and had to individually setup twenty some devices all over again. Keep the same SSID if possible.

Yeah, I tried doing that. I could not get the Nest WiFi setup on the same SSID to save my life. I knew that this was going to be the result. But it was the only way I could get the Nest WiFi setup. It has been a nightmare. I still have about 10 devices on top of all of the Wyze devices to still set up.
I consider myself pretty technically savvy. I cannot imagine a normal person dealing with this. We are still so far away from home IoT being user friendly.

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Do I have to restart them all again?

I don’t think there’s a way to do it globally for all products. Some people may have different products connected to different SSIDs, especially if they’re using a wifi extender.

I have kept the same SSID/password across five or six Wi-Fi access points. Keeps the WAF high.

Perhaps there was a way to swap out the original Google WiFi with the Nest WiFi, and keep the same SSID and password, but at this point, it’s too late for me. The only way I could get it to work was to create a new network.
I spent most of Saturday and a good portion of today reestablishing everything. I’m mostly back up and running, though I had several lights connected to a Wink hub, and as you might know, Wink is failing (as in going out of business). When I try to add Wink back to Google Home, it fails the Authorization call. No surprise.
That said, I just placed an order for 12 more Wyze bulbs and 4 more Wyze plugs. Consolidating!

Bit late, but might as well comment for whatever its worth. I don’t have a Nest WiFi router as of yet, so I looked into the Google Nest Help to see how to change the SSID. (Linked below) There is a note saying that you can just reuse the network name and password from the previous router and you won’t need to reconnect devices that were on the old network.

You just need to make sure the details are the same. The default WiFi network for Nest WiFi routers are WPA2, with WPA3 support. So if the previous router used WPA, the devices on the old network might not be able to reconnect to the new. I’m not positive on that, but it is a possibility. Then again, the Google WiFi router doesn’t support WPA either, so that might not be a problem in your specific case.

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