Whole new router and network

Had to get a new router, new network name, password, etc.
How do I get all my Wyze products back on?

Go into the router’s admin settings and change the network name (SSID) to match the old one.
(I always change only one thing in the router at a time, save and restart, to make sure it takes and I can still get in. )
Then go back in to the admin account and enable WiFi and change the passphrase/password for the WiFi to match what you were using before. (And save and restart).
Remember your Wyze stuff needs the 2.4 GHz network, so while you are doing all this, might be a good idea to disable the 5 GHz network until all the Wyze stuff (and other 2.4 stuff) is reconnected.
Now everything should come back up/reconnect. You might find that some things need you to restart/power down them and let them boot back up looking for the original network name and its original password. Most of them need to request and get a new IP addresses, hence the restart/reboot.

After you get this working, don’t forget (for your security) to change that default admin password the router used. (Not talking about the WiFi network passphrase/password).
The router’s admin account password.

If everything is back to normal, AND if you need the 5 GHz network side, you can go back in and enable it. If you need it.

Just got a google nest router. Does anyone know how to tell if things are on 2.4 or 5?

Things? What things? Have you googled the device model and read to see?

My old router I was able to see which networks were on 2.4 or 5ghz. This Nest router I’m not quite sure how to see the different networks (2.4/5).

Did you google - google router? They might know. (Sorry, just could not resist.)

Apparently it’s automatic

If there’s a way to get these devices on the new network, that would be preferred. I just spent most of my father’s day trying to fix and subsequently replacing (hence the Nest) the router.
I really don’t want to have to change the network back to the old name, if possible.