New user can't playback video clips from cloud

I have a cam-pan v2 that I’ve recently set up and is working fine. I don’t have a micro SD card installed nor do I want to. I just want to be able to see the 12 second free clips that detected motion and are stored in the cloud. However, when I click on the play arrow on one, I am prompted to sign up for CamPlus or to “learn more”. I can never play it back. Is this correct? Is it only possible to play back a clip if you have a subscription? If so, then there is of course no free option as advertised. Thank you!!

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If you have no subscription assigned to that cam, the Events tab will only show Thumbnail Image Snapshots, not video.

You can get the 12s Video by subscribing to CamPlus Lite, which is a “name your own price” subscription and CAN be free. With this you will get the 12s video and Person Detection, but there will still be a 5 minute lockout cooldown between video uploads. (One 12s clip every 5 min).

See the video and posts in this thread for instructions on how to get CPL free:


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Yes, thank you so much @slabslayer. I’m all set!



I know you said you had no interest in the SD card, but I have them in all my cams. They will keep recording locally 24\7 continuous during that 4min 48sec cooldown that CamPlus Lite won’t. Just food for thought.

Glad it worked out!


Good point - I may opt for that but wanted to get this working without it first. Thanks