Outdoor Cam on show image, no longer has video clip

I thought maybe I was having connectivity issues and when I got a motion alert I was not able to see the video clip. Looks like I no longer get video clips on motion detected…

I now have a setting called recoding type and image is selected, I then click it and there is a video option but when I select it, it tells me that I have to subscribe to a cam plus account.

The main reason I bought wyze products was that I did not want another subscription, please tell me that there is still an option to get video and that my outdoor cam without a subscription.

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Welcome to the forum @PalaciosAn
See the below resources, they should aid you in getting your 12 second videos back.

How to Keep Your Cloud Video Recordings Free with Cam Plus Lite

Textual version on the Wyze website:

Cam Plus Lite Getting Started