New to the cloud and not sure what to do next

I purchased the new telephoto camera, haven’t put it in use yet, I have the pan and V2 model running

What are you trying to do or have done? Once we know your end point, the Community here can help you get there. Thanks in advance!


Well that is the problem I am not sure what to do with the cloud , do I use it to record one or several cameras etc. I guess so I can look back at them. Is there a limit on how many camera’s can be saved to the cloud? Really not sure what to ask. Lol

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You just add your cameras like you did your others (‘+’ button in upper left corner of app when on the Home tab), and the camera should work just like your others.

Events tab are cloud clips when you have motion detection on, and the ‘Playback’ buttons (on Event clips, and under live view) is your local SD card, if you have that installed and set to record continuously.

No limit to the number of cameras, but if you have Person Detection or less than every 5 minute motion detections on your old cams (“Cam Plus Lite”) you have to buy a full Cam Plus license to get the same on the new cam.

But you can use the Playback button on events to get the 12-second clips you might still have with the older cams, except with SD card continuous recording it is unlimited time.

The Telephoto camera has a fixed 3x optical zoom on it, so it will look closer at subjects.