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I have it installed (pan cam) and see expected images on iPhone - but do not know how to see what’s happened thru the cloud - where/how do I pick up that ?- is there a special setting to have it upload what it can to the cloud? I would hope when it detects motion that it uploads such that if the camera is stolen during a break in I can at least see what happened before it was disconnected. I am hoping that it constantly uploads and rolls over when it needs to - I did try to find this out on my own just so you don’t think I am lazy…


The camera will record 12 second clips to the cloud based on detected motion or sound at most every five minutes (when set up for that). The clips are stored for 14 days.

If you install an SD card in the camera, it will record unlimited continuous or motion event video only limited by the size of the card, deleting the old when the card is full.

These two features are totally independent. For more info, see this:

(which, by the way, is easily found by clicking the Support link at the top of this page)

ok - thanks - so unlike my nest cam - it will not record continuous to the cloud I assume - curious - it does not seem like it would be difficult unless it just keeps servers too busy and therefor expensive I guess.

i like the camera a lot - but need to get used to limitations - if it will only record 12 seconds but only every 5 minutes… - so let me get this correct - if someone comes into my house when I am gone - the motion is picked up and it starts recording for 12 seconds , then nothing more until 5 minutes have passed - correct?


Correct, for the cloud stored video. Video stored on the microSD card does not have that limitation.

You pay a monthly fee for your Nest Cam cloud storage, right? Wyze’s cloud storage is free, thus the reason there are limits.

thanks - yes I pay for nest cloud and accept the wyze limits - just making sure what those limits are - still not getting to see the clips it is making - don’t know how to see them - should they show up in dashboard?

Really. See the fourth and fifth items in the link I posted above.

If you want to watch instead of read, see this: