New out the box Cam outdoor v2 not charging

New out the box Cam v2 “Outdoor” not charging. Been over 24 hours and the battery is not even charged enough to get a Yellow Ready light. The red light just keeps flashing, Has been for over 24 hours. Purchased at Microcenter store yesterday.
I suspect this Cam is Very old stock and the internal Lithium battery has gone south. This is common with old inventoried unused lithium powered products sitting around in inventory for a long time.
I charged it with the Base station for about 8 hours, and then even tried a direct USB power block for many hours also. No luck.

I just purchased a unit and am having the same problem. How was your issue resolved?

Likewise here with brand new outdoor v2, although it’s only been charging for 5 hours. Still flashing red on initial charge. Using microUSB plugged into base station to charge. Haven’t powered it on yet, so don’t know what the % charged it is. ¯\(ツ)/¯

Edit: even though the charging light never went to solid red, I disconnected after 6 hours and after setup it showed 99% in the app, so I’m up and running

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