New Gamming Headset design No Craddle Charger? No retractible Mic?

(Excuse my English typing from phone on the fly )I am an International Streamer , Content Creator, I have been doing it for 5 years. I have owned the worst pair of headsets to the most expensive. i have large ears with earlobes. Most headsets come with small cups. I had to return 88% of all earphones because they do not fit my earphones. So far the Astro 50’s wireles that have costed me $400 are the best. They are comfortable and they have the ability to connect from th3 base with two computers. I have two streaming computers working with each other and 3 - 27 inch monitors and one 48 inch 4k tv. It connects to my GoXLR through the Auxlery port and also the USB port on my main computer. I need a serious gamming headset that will work for me and fit over my large ears. Also we need ear cups that come off with magnetic clips so they can be replaced easily or changed out. I will be gladly to pay $100 for a good quality headset with extra attention than a cheap headset. There are so many cheap headset. Please do not be another cheap headset. Be a quality head set.

Sorry, these do not fit that requirement.

No retractable Mic?

No, it is a detachable Boom Mic, not retractable

I am sure these will not be the equal of the higher end $400 headset that already meets the specifications you asked for. I believe they are more like a great mid-level gaming headset at awesome entry-level prices.

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Yeah, exactly – they’re not meant to replace high-end gaming headsets but they do the trick if you want the basics with wireless included. They work great for my 7-year-old who plays on the Switch.

Microphone doesnt work on the switch playing Fortnite. Anyone else having this problem?