New Firmware Problems (Wyze Cam V.2 and Pan)

I have a Wyze Cam v. 2 and a Wyze Cam Pan. It worked perfectly until they received the new firmware update ( for the Wyze Cam v.2 and for Wyze Can Pan) earlier this month. After the firmware updates, the following problems showed up immediately:

  1. When streaming live video to my Echo Show 8, it keeps buffering. The buffering does not happen when I use the Wyze iOS app to view the live stream.

  2. Event recording is not functioning.

WiFi connection is strong enough at my place. I have tried rebooting and resetting the devices and the problems continue.

I finally loaded the previous firmware versions to my devices ( for Wyze Cam v.2 and for Wyze Cam Pan) and everything is back to normal.

Anyone have similar issues?

Yet another prime example of what I’ve said since day 1. Wyze techies and support gremlins are their own worst enemies

Yes, and right now my Wyze cam 2 is offline, God knows why?