New Driver with Q. re turning radius

Just got my car today. First and hopefully only disappointment is the turning radius. Just a double-check, is the poor radius the norm? Any hack/solution?
I’m hoping to use it to patrol our crawlspace .

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Welcome to the forum @hwitten.

Yes, out of box the turn radius isn’t very tight. I have not seen a mod/hack specificlly for the turning radius but there are a number of other mods I have seen members do. Mostly around speed and tires… ( I sound like a NASCAR commentator… “You know what is going to win todays race? Tires and Fuel”) Genius.

There are a number of videos and sites out there take a look

The creator of this video stated that increasing the speed fixed the turning.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll be running in close quarters so increasing speed is not an option with my skills :slight_smile:
Been practicing 4-point turns as an option and not doing too badly.
New problem is loosing connection. Eventually does come back but will be looking for possible cam antenna improvements. Running a Linksys Mesh so was hoping for better.

I believe the WiFi goes directly from car to phone, so your homes wifi has no effect on it. If your phone is closer to the car it will probably work better

That would be Travel Mode, which I’m not using.
I need the camera to be a better receiver of WiFi. The weird part is that when it ‘stalls’ I still have good video.
I’m experimenting with a foil shield under the Cam and have seen some improvement.