Looking for possible tips/tricks to help make my wyze-car experience better

My objective is to use the car in our crawlspace, eventually. Currently a bit disappointed.

  1. Range not as good as hoped, even with external antenna mod so may have to try repeaters next.
  2. There is quite a bit of lag when controlling the car making navigation quite challenging. Have tried WiFi and TravelMode/HotSpot. WiFi was actually better for me. I’m going to try the YouTube speed mod next as power will not be shared. Fingers crossed.
  3. Turning radius is poor and uneven. Transmission delay makes it even more challenging. Had hoped for some proportional control but seems it’s full on or off but maybe I just haven’t mastered the technique yet.
    Don’t get me wrong, not ready to call the whole project a bust quite yet but hoping there may be some tips & tricks available to make it a shorter learning curve.