Is there a WiFi antenna on the car itself?

Anyone know if the car uses WiFi via the V2 Cam or does it have it’s own WiFi setup?
Planning to convert to an external antenna to make WiFi more reliable. I have lots of ‘stalling’ that I’d like to overcome. I hardly ever loose video, just no traction until it finds itself back on line.
Not using Travel Mode, direct connect, as that would be impractical for use to patrol our crawl space.

Uses the camera for wifi connectivity.


I was hoping to mod the cam antenna as per several YouTube videos I found but it seems the black V2 that cam with the car is different.

Need a new idea/suggestion to make WiFi stronger/more reliable.

Was even going to buy a White V2 but have not found any that don’t come with steep shipping to Canada (eBay).

I guess one option is to fill our crawlspace with access point extenders but am still thinking improving reception at the camera would do it.

Is anyone using the car with WiFi extenders?

Got a V2 White and did the antenna mod. Turns out the White V2 doesn’t like the car’s firmware. Doesn’t complete the firmware change but actually does occasionally.
The White V2 I have installs with 180 degree on and can’t turn it off without changing firmware and then it won’t change back to rover firmware. Ended up trying the WiFi with external with V2 Cam on its head. WiFi has improved but not as much as hoped. Back to square one. BTW, Rover firmware is Maybe some Beta Firmware available?