New camera solid yellow light

I just recovered my first camera from Wyze and I plugged the camera into the wall with the provided cable and plug. The camera light will turn yellow but will never will start flashing yellow. I have used several other plugs and cables and still no luck. With the camera powered on, I will try and press the setup button and the camera won’t make a sound.

Just a thought but are you pressing the setup button for at least 10 seconds?

I am having the same problem with my cam pan and yes i have pressed the setup button for 10 seconds

I’d say call support for a replacement

Welcome to the community, @reggie2819! The setup button on the cam pan is a little harder to push than v2 cam. Using a flat toothpick or small flat precision screwdriver helps to make better contact especially if you have short fingernails. I have read in other threads that this corrected the problem with the setup button on the cam pans.

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