Constant Yellow Light

One of my V1 cams and my pan cam both has a constant yellow light. It’ll stay on yellow for a minute, maybe longer, then the light turns off entirely. They seem stuck. I’ve submitted a ticket and was told to hold down the button to restart the cams. This doesn’t work. The button isn’t registered as even being pressed down. It just remains constant yellow.

Anyone else have this issue and how did you fix it?

What I’ve done so far:

  • Tried other wyzecam cords and usb adapters - not the problem
  • Tried to hold down the reset button - doesn’t work
  • Let sit turned off and unplugged overnight - didn’t fix it
  • Contacted support - was only told to hold down button and try again - didn’t fix anything

These cameras are our security, if they don’t work, it causes all sorts of anxiety.


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Update: Heard back from Wyze - they are handling appropriately.

Greatest company with the best support. I’ve recommended them countless times and will continue to do so.

I just got 2 cameras yesterday and 1 of the cameras is doing the same thing for me. The other camera is working fine. I have submitted a ticket but not heard anything back yet. What was the problem with yours?

This fix helped me - it was a firmware issue.

If you’re able to get an SD card (32GB or smaller), you could try that firmware flash and see if it corrects the issue for you.

If you’re able to try the firmware flash, this article is helpful: How to flash firmware manually. I would recommend flashing to the (July 8, 2019) version and upgrading from there.

A few things to make sure the firmware flash is going as planned:

  1. Make sure to rename the .bin file to “demo.bin”

  2. Unplug the camera, insert the SD card, hold down the setup button, plug in the camera while holding down the button

  3. Wait for the status light to turn from yellow to blue

  4. Are you seeing a yellow and blue solid light at the same time?

Make sure to pick the correct firmware for the correct product model.