Setup Problem

I have watched the videos and read the instructions. When I get to the part about holding down the setup button and listen for the voice, I don’t hear anything except a real short click that sounds like it’s coming from the speaker. Nothing else. Any ideas on what I can do?

Don’t hold down the setup button. Press it momentarily and release. Holding down the button does a factory reset.

Trying to set up a Wyze Cam v2 And instructions mention hitting set up button. Mine doesn’t have one. On back of unit is USB outlet power outlet and flashing yellow light. How do I set up my camera without this button.

The setup button is on the bottom, not the back. It’s under the movable bottom mount.


Illustration here:


I have a similar problem, but when I press the set up button I get the solid yellow for 20 secs then a loud click and the light goes out and the camera won’t connect?

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Here’s the connectivity troubleshooting guide:

If that doesn’t solve it, keep in mind that this is primarily a user-to-user forum. If you don’t get help here from the community, file a support ticket, preferably from within the app while the bad camera is selected. That will ensure that the logs are captured. You might want to submit the ticket right away because there’s somewhat of a backlog. You can always let them know it’s already resolved when they contact you.

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Thank you, after I submitted my question…I did a bit more digging, I performed a factory reset…I think I’m back in business!


Instructions do seem confusing. With a hearing loss, I found the setup VERY hard to negotiate and instructions conflicting … here is says “Press it momentarily” while setup instructions state “When the yellow light starts flashing on the back of the camera, hold the Setup button on the bottom…”

Only by sheer luck of trial and error doing it over and over again that finally got my first camera working … 2nd one still in box until I put the sledge hammer in storage so as to not accidentally smash the 2nd camera when trying to setup … when following the printed directions are now said to result in a factory reset. :wink:

@jahovey… The setup process relies on hearing the audio prompts from the camera. I don’t know how well it’s been considered what the alternative procedure should be for someone who is hearing impaired. I’m going to ask a Wyze employee to weigh in on this.

However, the link below may be of some help to you if you can’t hear the voice prompts from the camera:

Thx, I’ve bookmarked this info so when I setup the 2nd camera will see if this makes it easier to do.

The “No voice prompts during setup” instructions worked great. Super easy to setup my 2nd Cam. Awaiting a 3rd Cam that I’ve ordered.

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We tried to make a guide for people that are hard of hearing but when it was being tested we were told that it didn’t really work as we were hoping. :frowning:

It’s on our radar! Do you have ideas for ways we can improve this, @jahovey? We tried to go off of timing, vibrations (from the voice prompts), and lights when we made our failed guide.

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For me what seemed to make the setup harder than it should have been was the initial pressing of the setup button. Printed insert said “Press the SETUP bottom for 3 seconds until you hear…” I couldn’t get past that step if I held the button. What I found to work for me was to move thru the steps QUICKLY … boom boom boom without pausing to sense a vibration or such. Just a quick “press and release” of the SETUP button, hitting enter (as if acknowledging I’d heard a prompt), entry of wifi password and so forth, then quickly scanning the QR code … it worked like a charm.

Same issue, both of my cameras, brand new… Supposedly

Same experience. Just follow the steps as and act as if you are hearing the audio prompts. Took a few tries but it finally synced. If you see a blue light flashing or solid then you are on the right path.

The link to the video showing the location of the setup button is broken. There is no setup button on under the magnet base on my model WVOD2… Help!!

You are replying to an old setup topic for Wyze Cam v2. Your cam is a Wyze Cam Outdoor v2. The “setup” button on your cam is in the same location, but is a small round button and labeled “Sync”.

Please ensure you have the Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station setup prior to setting up your cam. Your cam setup instructions, video and much more are located here:

This four+ year old thread has been closed as it contains out of date information. For new issues, please create a new topic or post in a more recent one.