New box of Color bulbs will not Update

Anyone else having this issue? I have tried multiple wireless networks and multiple bulbs out of the box. All useless.

Welcome to the community @Barbarosa

Couple of questions first.

  • When you say will not update, does this mean you at least have them connected and can control them?
  • Can you let us know the Android App Version you are using
  • Can you let us know the Firmware Version Number you are trying to update to

With that said and seeing you are on Android, do the following to clear things out:

  • Start the App and go to account, select App Settings, then Clear Cache then Shut he app down
  • Long Press on the App and select App Info, then do a force stop, then go to Storage and Cache and Clear the Cache here as well
  • Restart the phone, While the phone is restarting, turn the power off for one of the bulbs you need to update. When the phone completes it power up process, add the power back to the bulb and wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Start the app (If you have Camera’s your thumb nails will be gone, they will appear when you live stream the camera again)
  • Go to the bulb in question, select Setting, go to Device Info, then Firmware and try to do the update and see what happens.

Clearing the cache worked.

I thank you!


I’m having the same issue. Clearing cache did not work.