Network Attached Storage (NAS)

I’ve used this feature with other routers. It has never been stable and work 100% of the time.

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True. I’ve never had a single router be able to offer a stable USB port connection. I wonder why that is. Maybe that’s part of the reason Wyze has dropped it too.

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Also, Happy 5 year forum anniversary :wink:


They say to contact support if this feature was a reason for buying this product. I wonder what good that’s going to do.

Hey! I know a lot of you have been asking about the USB port on the Mesh Router Pro. I talked about it briefly in a “behind the scenes” marketing video because I was the champion of getting this USB port added to the router’s design. I was SO stoked to bring the NVR / MaxDrive feature to market and pushed all the teams as hard as I could to make it happen. After over a year of trying, our team was, heartbreakingly, unable to get the feature to work with our cameras. I’m so sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up with my statement in that video, and I want to make sure that anyone who purchased the Pro version of the router solely for the USB port has a chance to get taken care of. Please contact support and work with one of our Wizards to see how we can help you. Thanks so much.


@WyzeSteveM thank you for your honesty and transparency!
It is disappointing to hear BUT so much better knowing this reality than hanging onto hope with no end.
This type of frank communication is what built my trust originally with Wyze. i have been worried over the last year if we were losing this as a community. Here’s to more and more of this going forward!


thank you for the clarification on that, its tragic it hasn’t worked out.


Thank you both for your gracious understanding. We absolutely hate having to finally say “no” to a feature we all wanted, but letting this remain listed as “in development” feels dishonest at this point. If I am ever give the chance to greenlight it again, I will absolutely do so.




Hear hear.


Thank you for honesty. It’s a shame this didn’t work, but it helps that we know it’s a technical limitation and not something else.

I do hope someday in the future when new cameras have changed hardware etc this becomes possible.


The router/usb never addressed the original intent of allowing use of one’s existing NAS. It seems the original wish was first diverted by the failure of a partnership to create a proprietary device then failure to produce the usb solution - both failed to address the original wish. Imho, this wish is still highly desired but as originally conceived as the ability to redirect storage from sd card or cloud to one’s existing local NAS. Early on this thread, @WyzeDongsheng was asking about users existing NAS, clearly that went nowhere, possibly due to the reluctance to offer rtsp in the retail fw or facilitate a method that negates the need for a subscription. Ultimately, the ability to improve functionality without a subscription is never going to be supported by Wyze. Meanwhile, I’m hopeful Wyze will allow the 3rd party developers to thrive in their niches to serve at least the tech savvy users.

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I talked to support a couple weeks ago asking about the storage not happening, and was told to just hold on it’s being worked on. No options to do anything different. This isn’t a product that you can just pack up and return. Instead of having to call support to complain about a feature that was talked about before release not actually happening. I’m on here complaining about a missing basically advertised feature, reach out to me to tell me what my options are.

The other issue is that it sounds like adding any additional features like proper parental controls isn’t even going to be added. Basically giving up on it as soon as it’s released. I feel like this is a cash grab product and then abandon it.

Wyze has indicated that they have now let support know how to handle it. Your only options are to keep it as is or contact support and let them know that the cofounder and VP of product said to now contact them. I would quote what WyzeSteve said up above when you contact them:

Assuming that statement does apply to you.


You should have been saying “NO” to the majority of products you’ve released instead of making pie-in-the-sky claims. Yet you continue to tout products that don’t work, seldom work, and will never work. Using paying customers as guinea pigs for products that should never have seen the light of day is wrong. But the rah-rah crowd keeps turning out crap and the willing suckers eat it up. Not me. I know better.

I have 13 cameras that work until you have an update that requires work on my part to fix what wasn’t broken.

I will recommend the V3 cameras. There is nothing else that Wyze makes and promotes that I could recommend with a clear conscience. Nothing.

This is a the main reason i bought the mesh pro system. Otherwise i would have looked at other mesh router systems. Can we get an update on this if it’s ever going to happen or not?

I’m asking for this wishlist item to be moved under the status “probably not.” Please do contact our support about compensation since this was the main reason you bought the pro instead of the non-pro. Thanks!


Any updates on the 2019 MaxDrive alternative? This would be great for Front Door cams, etc.

Darn, you found my hot button… I agree. I stopped recommending Wyze some years ago after participating as a beta tester and seeing them first hand push out a rather poor beta to unsuspecting retail customers. Plus to top that off, they shortly after changed to subscriptions and pushed out the legacy PD to keep everyone from jumping ship, but created a new issue since new users were buying V2 and V3 cams and not happy they were stuck with a crippled cam without coughing up $ for camplus. So the geniuses in marketing came up with camlite. But that rollout was fraught with problems and it was at this point they screwed up my LegacyPD to camlite service acct transition and simply gave up trying to fix it on the backend eventually saying my only recourse was to delete my acct, reset my devices and start over. It wasn’t just me, although apparently very few of us. I only saw comments from a few others with same situation. The thing is it was so few of us, why not give us camplus which I tested that corrected the snafu, ending the free trial and going back to camlite returned acct to a corrupted situation. So Wyze decided to abandon a small number of customers rather than upgrade a few who might become even better customers. It could have saved us a huge hassle until they were able to correct the backend. But Wyze did not even acknowledge my test and suggestion. This fiasco showed me wyze’s true corporate culture and it is clearly not customer centric. I’ll continue to use the few products I have but when they crap out, I’ll be switching brands. As for the NAS, so far Wyze is not defeating 3rd parties so using the docker wyze bridge gives me other 3rd party options. Unfortunately, not a simple solution for many who don’t want the tech hassle.