Network Attached Storage (NAS)

If you have synology, you should already be able to use Docker Wyze Bridge to get direct access to the RTSP stream to save right on to your Synology storage right now. Lots of other people do this with their Synology systems.


FWIW, been using it for scrypted and HomeKit. Docker Wyze bridge works well and web ui is a nice bonus. Another benefit is ability to rotate a stream so my sideways/vertical oriented V2 looks correct in Home or web and scrypted can add motion detection with much improved activity zone selection method.


Oh wow! I didn’t know it did 90 degree rotation! That’s great to hear! I might need to use this later this year.

I am planning to buy a Synology NAS sometime this year whenever one that suits my needs goes on sale, and I have been planning to add Home Assistant and Docker Wyze Bridge to it too.

Being able to do rotation like that will be great for hallways and stairways where I don’t need a lot of width.

That’s cool that it also allows for better customized detection zones too. I look forward to trying it out, and am glad to hear you say that it works well.


The dev is very active, frequently updating and adding improvements. I noticed that the wyze doorbell required an env variable for rotation otherwise the stream is sideways (this clearly demonstrates that wyze already does rotation, so it’s not a technical issue). Anyway, I asked about expanding the use of the variable for any cam. He implemented it next day! The GitHub issues page and discussion page cover a good deal of glitches and fixes. The scrypted dev uses discord. Not my favorite - he’s not as personable as the bridge guy, but at least he is active. He’s building an NVR option. I don’t need much at this point, next house won’t be in a gated community but will be a lot closer to a rural setting so will see after we relocate what we need for monitoring. But so far I like having everything all in one place in HomeKit, especially now that I’m beta testing another brand of outdoor cam that has a homebridge plugin.


Does not work with all cam devices.

That’s interesting, but I use TrueNAS and don’t use docker.

I’m hoping they open up a solution where I can just install an iso in a vm, select my smb share and bam! It starts recording I wish coding was easier

True, but it covers all mine and any I might consider adding :grin:

It doesn’t cover all of mine, either, and its handy for those of us who are technically inclined, but it’s not a good solution for most people.

Still, interesting app.


Being able to store footage on an old computer/ server

I personally think you should make it an option to be able to store your own footage on your own server or old computer. You can do this if you allow to link a ftp server or write software to download on the computer. Thank y’all for reading my post.

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True enough that 3rd party/open source aren’t for the casual user. They all require at least a moderate level of “tech” ability, most are best to deploy on a separate machine since something like the Wyze bridge can consume a lot of cpu and bandwidth depending on how it’s used, and some are much more efficient on Linux which is not really as simple for servers as it is for simple desktop apps. Most are still lacking development teams so rely on an individual, hard to know for sure what the future holds. I doubt I’d bother if I were still working, but retirement gives me time to fiddle with these things, and it’s given some usefulness to my old laptops. But considering the options they’ve provided that have languished on these wishlists, it makes me believe Wyze will do nothing if they can’t monetize it by subscription. To be fair, I doubt other competitors in this low end price range think any differently.