Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Yes, it would be a shame if I could not just use the massive storage I have available on My QNAP TVS-1282



Adding NVR to App

It would be nice to offer additions like other branded cameras, NVR’s etc. to link on 1 app!!!

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Using our own storage NAS or purchasing a NAS from Wyze…
Either way it would increase security knowing data is more available than when the cloud/AWS has issues. Also using local hardware power to process feeds and scrubbing through recordings would be a reason to have this be a subscription service but not actually rely on the cloud to pull it down.
A Wyze branded NAS could even open future possibilities to have rules and alerts run even if the cloud connection went down. Quicker and more reliable security.

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@WyzeJasonJ any news you can share yet?
Reading between the lines and following other news it seems like the Wyze Mesh Router PRO may be the NAS itself.

I do not have anything I can share yet, as soon as there is I will be posting it here.


So if that’s the case, not really the solution others have requested. Using a real NAS to store images and streams is needed, not just a “show” package for the router.

The USB port on Mesh Router PRO will be used for Storage How We Made Wyze Mesh Router - YouTube (see timestamp 5:50)

Like I said, not the solution others have requested.


@UserCustomerGwen @WyzeJasonJ any update available?
Maybe some info related to the Mesh Router PRO being released with the highlighted but not detailed USB port :smile:

We are aiming for that port to be used for storage but that aspect is not ready yet.


How about cellular access via USB for cellular ISP usage…Kind of like ASUS routers provide?

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Thanks for update.

Are you also aiming to open up this functionality to any network attached storage?

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I would love to see the option for usb storage for the router pro. Then add the ability for all wyze cams connected to it via Wi-Fi to be added to a central dashboard in a web interface. You can then enable recordings to the usb drive (flash or external hdd). In addition, it would be nice to have access to add an SMB share if customers already have a NAS solution.

Honestly, I do not know. I will update you when I know more about the plans.


Wyze NAS a new product suggestion

Wyze NAS as a new product

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I have a Synology DS1522+ and would love for my cameras to support it.


I have a Synology DS220+ and would love for my cameras to support it for network storage!

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I also have a Synology that I’d prefer to use for this. I hope we don’t have to use the Wyze Pro router as the only possibility for this feature, as the Wyze Pro router isn’t “Pro” enough for my needs.


More hopium…