Need labeling clarification for proper installation

Looking for some help with installation. I need to know what 1-2 indicate on the connection side of things when it comes to installation of the new thermostat. I do not have W1 or Y1 as an option on my old thermostat and as such 1-2 are connected at the control board instead of W1 or Y1. If someone could point me in the right direction to get heat and air working with the new thermostat I’d be grateful. I can get power to the unit as the common wire and Rc wire are connected correctly, but when I test the system with with 1 connected as w1 I etc. I get nothing. picture of how confusing things are for your enjoyment.

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This is a communicating thermostat, but the wiring on the wyze thermostat is for a traditional wiring system. Do you have a zone controller?


It’s a communicating thermostat and furnace/AC, figured this out after reading the furnace control board manual. Unfortunately communicating WiFi enabled thermostats are pricier than what I’m willing to put in. I tried Wyze, I tried.