Thermostat Wiring HELP

I need help with the wiring of the thermostat. I have a brand new boiler.
The transformer has Y G R C W terminals. I hooked the wyaze adapter to those as instructed. Coming from the wyze adapter is Y W R G, Where do those goin the wyze thermostat? Being a new installed boiler, the old wiring no longer applies and the instructions only say to follow the old wiring labels, I ASSUME it should be R-Rc Y-Y1 G-G W-W1? is that correct?

The app should guide you exactly what to do. Do you have these wires at the thermostat? Y G R C W

If so, you don’t need the adapter

I have 5 wires at the thermostat end, as I mentioned above its a new install (with new wiring) and therefore no existing labels, just the 5 wires - I’ve watched the video and it does not address my situation without labels on the thermostat end, it just shows how to attach to existing labels

so I removed the Adapter and wired straight at the transformer to thermostat. using R-R1 Y-Y1 G-G AND C-C The thermostat powerd up, connected to wifi askme me about my Cooling! I dont have cooling, I googled a bit and found someone that said G should go to W, so I did, I factory reset and went through setup again This time it showed Heat and Cooling ( for now I guess I wont worry about cooling although thats gotta go!) it did a heat “test” the boiler did turn on so I thought all was good… but its not…
The room temp shows 32 (its really 59) I cant get the heat to turn on. the app says “off” i go to heat and set it higher it says “heating to 70 <1 min” 1 minute later it just goes back to off…

SO any ideas on that?

Pictures really speak 1000 words. can you post pictures of how you have the t-stat wired and the wiring to your transformer?

I had to remove the wiring I did for the Wyze and put the old thermostat back on for the noght or it would have been 19 in here this morning so I dont have any pictures… I’ll attach one of the wiring diagram and really all I think I need to know is from the 4 choices on the furnace of RCGY which need to be hooked up to which connectors on the thermostat, from others having problems overnight I’ve seen a few suggestions such as G to C but if thats the case why have C to begin with- - I have NO cooloing and still dont know why the thermostat ( after wifi setup and testing) says “32” -
Basicly I just need:

Furnace to Thermostat
R goes to ??
C goes to ??
G goes to ??
Y goes to ??

Y is typically for cooling, so you probably don’t want to connect Y. See graphic below

Thanks Ken, I saw that diagram previously but the Thermostat / boiler wiring does not match up- for instance as you mentioned Y says its for cooling, but on my wiring diagram Y is need to complete the “switch”/Circuit for heating… so Im pretty sure it is needed, but where to?