Wyze thermostat help W wire issues and no G wire

I’m trying to install my wyze thermostat. Following the instructions it says I need to use the c wire adapter.
Going to the control panel at my unit and it says I need to label the R,W,Y and G wires. The R and Y wires are easy to label. The W wire has me confused as how to wire it correctly from the adapter to the control board.

And then there is the G wire. It’s not labeled on the control board and I have no idea on what wire to try and connect for the G wire in it’s place.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Please share a wider angle picture. Also your thermostat wiring, and the brand/model number of the air handler.
I see wires labeled C-RV and O-RV, this leads me to think this may be an outdoor heat pump. Is there a blower fan in this box?

Edit: looked up the numbers on this board, it’s a defrost board for a Goodman heat pump. This is not the board that the thermostat connects to.

This is my wiring at the thermostat. It is a goodman unit. Model number GPH1436H41DD

I’m searching now for the wires that connect to the thermostat.

This is a wider view of where I see the wires coming into the unit. I’m at a loss of where to look at the moment.

This is the low voltage section.

It looks like you already have a blue wire attached to the common lead in both your unit and your thermostat.

You do not need the C wire adapter.

Your wires on your thermostat are (from left to right):
Aux, G, O/B, C, Y, R