Need help with a new Cam Pan V2

Need advice on issues I’m having with a new Cam Pan V2.

First, let’s get this out of the way: I’m on the latest version of the Android app ( and the latest camera firmware (

I’m experienced with Cam Pans, and have had three V1 models for over two years. The setup of the V2 was uneventful, and everything with the camera seemed fine at start.


Issue #1: Even though I can access the V2 in the Wyze app on my Android 7.1 tablet perfectly, it never will connect on my Android 9 phone. Yes, I’ve cleared the app cache on the phone. Yes, I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the app, ad nauseum. The V2 will not connect in the app in the phone. It almost never gets past the 1/3 stage, and very rarely makes it the 2/3 connection stage. My three V1 Cam Pans connect fine on the phone. All the Cam Pans (including the new V2) connect fine on the tablet. And yes, I’m only connecting with one mobile device at a time, if that makes any difference. An error code I’ve seen come up in the app on the phone for the V2 Cam Pan is “Connection failed (error code: -20010)”.

Issue #2: Whenever the Cam Pan V2 is powered and connected to my network, the whole network becomes intermittently sluggish. Browsing on an unrelated computer or device slows down to a crawl and web pages will time out. Unplug the V2 and everything is spiffy. Yes, I have checked my connection (gigabit fiber) and speed tests are showing around 900+ Mbit up and down. I’ve factory reset the router (Lynksys WRT3200ACM), and that makes no difference. I have a different spare Lynksys WRT1900AC, and when I put that in service I get this same issues.

I even borrowed a 4th Cam Pan V1 from a friend and set it up on my network and everything is fine. Can access all 4 cameras in app on phone, and my network is not being jammed. Oh, and I already manually reflashed the latest firmware via the SD card method. Deleted camera in app and re-setup. Same issues persist.

So, something is up with the V2. I’m not going to put much more time into this. It should just work. But I wanted to reach out for any ideas or suggestions on something else to try before I return the V2 to Amazon.

Thanks in advance for any help in advance.


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Are you using a VPN on the Android 9 phone? If so there may be a fix.

VPN is not in the picture.

I would do a Factory Reset on the Cam Pan v2 and try. Flashing the Camera and deleting the Cam from the app does not perform a factory reset.

Follow this link to Factory Reset the Camera:

Also, you cleared your Cache, was wondering if you cleared the Cache from within the App as well? This is located in Account>App Settings>Clear Cache

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Thanks spamoni4,

Yes, I’ve already done all those things multiple times. But Wyze finally responded to a support ticket that I had initiated, so I am on with them.

Additionally, I have done some additional troubleshooting on my network and identified a potential conflict. I have a legacy device on my LAN running Privoxy that keeps tracking networks and ads off my home network. On a hunch, I disconnected it and the issues with the V2 Cam Pan went away.

As an additional data point, the device also provides for Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD). I mention this, because when I first installed the V2 Cam Pan the network map in my router labled the new Cam as “wpad”. This is suspicious, as Wyze may be doing something with the networking logic on the V2 that was different than the V1.

For now I have reconnected the Privoxy device back to the network and disabled web filtering. I’ve asked Wyze support if there are any different network port, protocol, or internet addressing the V2 is using differently than in the V1. They may have added some WPAD functionality that interferes with existing web proxy functionality on someone’s network. Or I could be inadvertantly filtering something unique to the V2 that does not affect the V1,

As an aside, for network filtering I had been planning to switch to a Pie Hole, but just don’t have the time to get into that right now.


That is great news. I have been reading on Pie Hole and it seems well accepted and impressive. Will be interested in your finding when and if you decide to do it.

I used piHole, and it doesnt have any issues with wyze stuff. Pretty much all wyze request are sent through various aws subdomains or subdomains, so its easy to just whitelist those.