ANDROID APP VER 2.14.33 connection issues

The app for my android phone updated last week. I have noticed since it updated the app has trouble connecting to the cams. Has anyone else had this issue? I have restarted the cams, cleared cache for the app on my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I usually have to force stop the app , or reboot my phone to get it working properly. I have never had this issue with the app until this last roll out.

The app will also timeout and sometimes freeze. The smart bulbs respond fine by all of my wyze cams are glitchy making the connection to view them. I have also already reset my cable modem and router.

I have 8 smart bulbs and 7 wayze cam pan. The cams are still recording fine as well , as I can see all the events once I can connect to the app. I have the option to clear the cache for the app and clear the storage but not sure if I want to do that for clear storage.

I believe there was an update on Oct. 18th for version 2.14.34. Several people have had this problem.


thanks for the fast reply. Yes, it is has been very annoying. I hope they roll out a fix soon. yes, it was very recent update. it may have been the 18th but my version is 2.14.33 on pixel 4xl.

So I checked again today and the latest version is now 2.14.35. I’m running this with Android 11 on a Pixel 3XL. Jealous of your P4XL :yum:

I wonder if they will push 2.14.35 to the 4xl soon. I checked for updates and none. I am on 2.14.33. Are you checking play store for the updates?

This is what play store has:



October 20, 2020





Current Version


Requires Android

5.0 and up

Content Rating


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Interactive Elements

Users Interact, Shares Location, Digital Purchases, Unrestricted Internet


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Offered By

Wyze Labs, Inc.


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Privacy Policy

3933 Lake Washington Boulevard NE Suite 350, Kirkland, Washington 98033

Where are you finding the 2.14.35 version for download?

I saw a post on wyze they push out 2.14.35 today. it is still not showing for me in the playstore as of yet.

Yeah it’s in the play store. But, to be fair, I am running the beta app so I see these updates before non beta customers.

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That is what I was going to ask next if you were on beta channel. I guess .35 will come out later for me . Thanks again for the reply.

I just got a firmware update for the cams now.

with firmware and app update , hope things will be nice and stable.

I ended up using the beta version . I am on 2.14.36 beta now. It is better but still not as good prior to .33. connection issues still .