App v 2.0.26

Is anyone else having a terrible time connecting to cams in the 2.0.26 Android version of the app?
Android 8.0.0
All on latest firmware

My pan cam seems fine
V1 &v2 cams seem to both have issues connecting, and once connected drop to 0kb/s then back to the connecting screen after a few seconds.
I’ve also seen the “network too slow, try 360p” (or similar) message twice (never seen it before today)

Didn’t change my home network any, and my router is bored right now about 0.1 mb/s or less up & down.

Restarted a few cams, didn’t seem to help
Force stopped the app & cleared cache, also no help

I am having the same issue today with my v2 cam, and my pan cam is working fine. It seems to be working now, and I have not seen it since I got home.