My Wyze sprinkler keeps running when it's below freezing

I just noticed that my Wyze sprinkler had run early in the morning the last few days when it’s been in the 20s. I have Sprinkler Plus and it’s set to skip if the temperature drops below 35. The firmware is up to date. I’m not sure what to do to stop it from running, short of unplugging it, but if it’s not going to pay atttention to the temperature, I don’t know what I’m paying extra for. Anyone else having this problem?

I just disable all my zones and turn off the schedules for the winter.

Go to settings then schedules and toggle off all schedules and the enable schedules toggle as well as the Offline schedule

Then back in the main settings area go to System and toggle off all the zones to not be enabled.

I am not sure where you live, but since it does apparently get down to freezing temperatures where you live, it’s generally recommended to find your water line and turn it off, then try to clear out what pressure remains. That way the freezing temperatures won’t cause the water to freeze and burst your pipes.

I honestly didn’t turn off my water last year or this year because since we moved here nobody can find a shut off valve…but somehow our sprinkler pipes survived. :man_shrugging: We just turned off the schedules and zones and luckily it survived alright.

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