Installing Wyze Sprinkler when the system is winterized

I received my new Wyze Sprinkler and currently my system is winterized but I still want to install this sprinkler unit so that everything is ready to go when my sprinkler service opens in the spring. Does anyone know if I will be able to install it and verify it is working without being able to test the functionality during winter? I have a feeling the answer is “wait until spring”

Hello @gilbert.bernier and welcome to the community

If you have the water turned off to the sprinklers due to winter you should be able to wire it in and test you will just have to visually watch to see if your valves move when commanded or wait until doing the actual testing when you have water on.

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You can install it without running any of the zones. I installed mine and had zero issues. You just can’t test u
It until spring.

Thanks to both of you for responding. I used the app and followed the instructions in the app to install it. Super easy and everything works great. I was able to click the skip test on each zone and finish everything and will test it in the spring to make sure all the zones work, which I’m sure they will, but right now it’s zero degrees and all the heads are under snow. Thanks again.