How to Winterize Sprinklers with Wyze irrigation controller?

Can someone detail how to use the Wyze controller to blowout their sprinkler system for winter? I’ve got a company coming tomorrow to do this and I am fearful that they won’t know how to use the controller. Is it a simple as going to each zone and running it individually?

That may depend on how your sprinklers are set up, mine are set up in a way I can attach an air compressor after I turn off the water and I turn on my valves one by one and allow the compressed air to go through. When I am doing this I turn them on and off manually since the air connection is right at the valves anyway.

Thanks Jason. For mine the air is connected at the main and used to blow out one zone at a time. Hoping I can do this easy enough by just running one zone at a time manually.

I am thinking you should be able to, it will trigger the valves to open and close