Sprinkler Winterize Feature

Sprinkler “Winterize” feature, make this happen…

Sprinkler needs to add a “Winterize” feature.

  • Select which zones to winterize (yes/no).
  • Select zone on times (1-20min), <<2 is pretty good for me>>
  • Select dwell time (time between zones) (1-20min) <<5 min maybe depending on your compressor>>
  • Select number of cycles (times all zones will be ran) (1-10cycles). << I’d use 2-3 >>
  • Set start time or Start/Pause/End button (option for both)
  • Display end time (start time or current time + total time)
  • Display total time (# zones x (zone on time + zone dwell time) x cycles)
  • Display note:
    If water sill coming out of sprinkler zone at end on on time, increase on time.
    If air compressor still running at the start of the next zone increase dwell time.
    Recommend psi: XX << 65?>>

The routine will turn each zone that has been selected for winterization one by one for the on time and then wait the dwell time before turning on the next zone, this repeats for all zones selected for winterization and the routine runs from the beginning until the selected number of cycles has been met.

Make this happen!
Include in the pro?
Charge as an enhancement?
Throw some cash my way for such a useful idea!

  • I made 16 schedules to do this and it was a pain, could have been so much easier.
  • Using this you could hook up the compressor and come back later and it would be done with not further action or babysitting zone by zone.
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Good suggestion, however Wyze uses the #wishlist for ideas. Please create a new post and set the category to “wishlist”. Make sure to vote on it!

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