My setup and what else?

I am interested in setting up just a single camera for now. Here is what I believe so far what I need and have but do have a few questions.

  • Wyze Cam Black
  • 32GB MicroSDHC (can you go higher? 128GB? How big can you go?)
    -I would need USB to Ethernet 5Vdc converter with power supply connected to USB and then plug the micro USB into the camera? I have seen lots of them on Amazon. Now this is only for powering of camera correct? The camera connects to WiFi to my understanding?
    -I plan on buying HOLACA Real Water Resistant Protective Case + Metal Wall Mount Bracket for Wyze cam.
    -My current internet connection is 200MB/40MB which should be enough for live streaming?

*Is there anything else I am missing?
I live on dead end street and top of hill. Some people make mistakes and drive up here and then turn around in my driveway if the vehicles are not home and I have already had something missing. I plan on mounting it front corner of house which will include driveway and 3/4 of street.

32gb is the official limit on the card, however, I use a 64 in two cameras without problem and I’ve heard of others using larger. I’m not sure why you need ethernet or the USB converter. The camera simple uses the USB wall wart to power the camera and yes, it connects to your WiFi which you have plenty. The camera just needs to be in range of your WiFi and you can view the stream in the Wyze app at home or from anywhere you can access the internet on your phone or tablet.


People have used even larger SD cards. with no issues, but I would be reluctant to do so…

Hi, welcome!

As @raym64 mentioned 32GB is the official max size supported, but larger cards work for most people. Personally 128GB is the largest I’ve needed.

One suggestion if you haven’t yet purchased a microSD card is to go with an “Endurance” class card from a trusted brand like Sandisk, Samsung, etc. Endurance cards are made to last much longer when used for continuous recording like webcams and dashcams. Of course, a larger card will also last longer because it will take more writes to fill it up each time :slight_smile:

200/40 should be more than adequate for streaming. You would probably be limited more by 2.4GHz WiFi speeds at that point than internet speed.