My recent events playback stopped working

My recent events don’t playback now. How can this be fixed?

You are going to need to provide some more details if you don’t want us to start guessing what is wrong… Your topic tags don’t match with your question.

  1. What app version number?
  2. What cam model?
  3. Explain in detail what is happening in the app… Are the events not showing up, do you get an error when playing, do they open and not play?
  4. What subscription, if any, is on the cam?

The more detail you can provide the more helpful replies will be.

I’m wondering if it was the same problem I had a few days ago. My playback stopped working too and I thought I lost all that time and it was gone. But I kept going back in and trying, a number of times, and finally the app seemed to get it right and all the footage was there.

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Good point. Might have very well been one of the Service Outages.

I am having the same issue as of today, 2/10/23.
Just bought a cam pan v3 camera and subscribed to Cam Plus for a year yesterday.
I cannot view any of the “Events” on this camera. Instead, I get a “video player error (code 09)”.
I also just found out I can’t get a refund for Cam plus either. I should have did the 14 day trial first!
Oh well, if they fix it soon, I may renew next year, otherwise I will cancel. I’ve been using wyze cams for 4 years and I’m trying not to bash them, I realize sometimes there are bugs.