My cams are useless

@WildBill Yes I have good copper phone lines. I save this one which I can plug into the phone box outside if the power goes out for the regular house phone. Also check to see if a line problem is in the house or coming in. I’ve used it twice in the last 25 years.

So should I ask Verizon for a refund for my wife’s antique cell phone because they did not tell me 3G was going away in December 2022 when I purchase the phone ages ago?


That depends. When you bought it, did they tell you that “it would stop working” in 2022 or earlier?

If the app along the cams were working fine for over 2 years… Why wouldn’t you keep a compatible app version? Is that simple. Don’t give me the firmware stuff, because the hardware doesn’t need it. You just want to keep the control over hardware you selling.


I bought it in 2012, there was no “Best used by date” :upside_down_face:

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…Then you’ve been wronged… Someone has injured your ability to use your property. Whether Verizon is liable for that injury, or the FCC, or someone else is hard to say, but whoever it is morally, legally, and ethically, owes you another phone.

I didn’t ask when you bought it because that’s not relevant.

If you bought a house in 1925 with knob and tube wiring, you could walk in today and plug in your super modern phone’s charger right in btw. It is hyperbole to say because something is “old” you should expect it stops working or is no longer compatible.

Go to a car show sometime and look at the cars from the 1960’s or earlier that might not even have seat belts, and guess what… they still drive on the road just fine.

The airplanes we fly in today are easily 20-30-40 years old and guess what, the airports can’t just say no to planes older than 8 years “b cuz, old stuff is old yo”.

Plenty of products through out the history of man have lasted decades or more unless physically damaged. And it was not until the boom of IoT and “cloud dependency” that all the sudden we’re supposed to expect our belongings become valueless waste after a few years.

This trend is not normal. It’s not okay. It’s destructive to nature, and a violation of property rights and people need to be held accountable. It’s something I speak with my legislators about and I’d encourage anyone reading this in the future to do the same.

If we can compel companies to warn us that eating a WyzeCam could result in cancer (calif prop 65) then we can by god have mandatory expiry dates , and civil or criminal penalties for violating them, or for violating property rights when there is no label. It should take the form and commonality of ‘BEST BY’ labels we see on all food and medicine for instance.

ALL cloud-dependent electronics MUST be labeled pre-sale with a good-thru date, until which time the manufacturer will take no action to prevent its use in the condition or at the feature level at which it was purchased.


Please oracle that for us, lol.

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Yea rigt.right…

You guys are [Mod Edit]. No team effort here. Wouldn’t want you on my team. Curt answer, with no thought of decency here. Hope Wyze doesn’t condone these types of answers.

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A simple solution would seem that Wyze publish the last Update for OS 6.0 devices in an Archive available for download by owners of the older tech. I remember when I first got my CAM v2 there was a bad update released, and we had to go onto Wyze website and download the previous update to our SD card and rerun that update and it made everything happy again. Why can’t we do that for OS 6.0 users? We shouldn’t make someones purchased cameras become obsolete and not function.

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I have one of those as well. Been thinking about purchasing one of those converters so we can use it again.

I do not own a Wyze Video Doorbell.

My response is to dabassmann. The linked post is from a Wyze employee and addresses the possibility of making an Android 6 .apk available for those who can’t upgrade to Android 7+. The linked post also explains some of the reasoning behind the move to exclude pre-Android 7.

Technology progresses constantly. Vulnerabilities in the software are discovered. New tricks and capabilities are introduced to make the product more useful. With regard to Android, many of us are on the 12th floor. You’re still on the 7th floor. You’re getting left behind, dude. And, if Wyze stays on the 7th floor with you, they will be selling antiquated products while their competitors keep movin’ on up. Your phone is the problem. Not the app or the camera. Don’t blame Wyze for your decision to operate in the Twilight Zone.

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I here that my Samsung is currently running Android 12,my tablet is running 11,those Android 6 is like 3+ years old,get this I bought a Motorola G Pure trac phone for $60.00 and it came with 1 years of service it has 3GB RAM 32GB Rom I added a 512BG card for storage its ok a little slow due to only 3GB Ram and 32GB Rom,my Samsung has 12GB,512G and added 512GB card I was really surprised on how good it works,Trac Phone is on Verizon Towers…so for cheap $60.00 got a new phone and works great,I gave it to a technician to play with he has had it since December and said the Wyze app works perfectly no issues.

I’m actually working on the design to mount an old iPhone in one of those at the moment!

The finish on this one is much nicer than mine, though . . .

Incoming calls would work.

And if you’re really good, you could click the speaker holder at the right rate to dial if rotary is still supported . . .

I’m not sure what the effect of the crank on a modern phone system would be though–I haven’t the foggiest what the voltage would be, but I’m sure that the voltage would be “dirty”

I’m thinking I’ll have it activate a solenoid to push the iPhone button . . .

When I was in high school, telephones were supplied by the phone company. They were not available anywhere in stores for purchase. I bought a Stromberg Carlson phone at a flea market that was from an old hotel. A buddy wanted an extension in his room, so we used speaker wire from the junction box, and ran it to his room. It worked sorta. But we didn’t know the phone company had a way to check the line. My buddy got home from school and saw the phone was missing. The guy from the phone company cut our speaker wire every foot. Seems the 1940s phone caused the circuit to overload.
Later, phones could be purchased in stores, but before it could be connected, the telephone company needed the phone’s ringer equivalence number.

the ringer impedance is measurable when the phone(s) ring.

So when you add a second phone, it’s in parallel, and halves the impedance, telling the phone company that you have two lines. No overload involved; they monitored this, as they charged for the extras.

When my parents replaced their phone with one they owned, we hadn’t given much thought to the quiet couple of days until our neighbor stopped in–worried because we weren’t answering the phone.

It turned out that the wrong phone was in the box: they made phones without ringers specifically for use as second phones, which wouldn’t be charged/caught by the phone company!

If you only replied the leased phone with a bought phone, there wasn’t a problem, and you didn’t need to do anything.

come to think of it, it’s kind of odd that they didn’t sell pairs of phone with double impedance ringers to be used in parallel ,. . . (or maybe they did; I wouldn’t have been watching for it at the time)

Does anyone say that wyze shouldn’t grow?

Technology progress, yes, but you can consider backwards compatibility, the cam and app (on android 6) worked fine for years.

I understand when hardware spare parts get discontinued, but its not the case. The cam and the phone works fine.

But is simple, if wyze is not taking care of it, I’m not buying nor recommending their products anymore.