My cams are useless

Your las app update made my cameras useless…

I can’t even go to a previous version.

I wish I didn’t buy this cams.


How about telling us what the problem. What firmware and app versions - saying “the last update” is somewhat ambiguous as it changes regularly and may be different between different phones and if you are in the beta program? Many of us (including me) are running the latest firmware and app versions.


If I search on google-play from my phone the app doesn’t even appear. From my PC I can see the picture I attached.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime,
Model SM-G532M.
Android version: 6.0.1

I cannot see the firmware because in the attempt of updating app, I lost the previous version.

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You need Android 7.0 or above


Welcome to the real world. You are using an ancient version of Android OS and more and more stuff will no longer work. Nothing unique to Wyze. Software manufacturers at some point have to cut off support for old operating systems. Android 6 is not supported.

Solution: update your phone to at least a half way current version of Android OS.


wow, awesome solution…

thank you for nothing.

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You may not like my answer, but it’s reality. It would be no different than [Mod Edit] complaining that the latest version of AutoCAD won’t run on a Windows XP based desktop.
Update your phone’s Android OS to something at least close to current. Quite certain that there is LOTS of other apps that won’t run on Android OS 6 (I can name a few).

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It is indeed an Awesome Solution.
Get with the times, and get a newer Android

Somewhat true about AutoCAD … at least you will still have a working solution with your older AutoCAD version and a Windows XP desktop. With Wyze, you will soon NOT have a working solution!

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Well the requirement to change was made 8 MONTHS ago :upside_down_face:


My car will only go 40 Mph on the highway. The engine is worn out. Let’s blame it on the gas pump, not my hooptie of transportation.

Everyone else is correct. Time to upgrade.

I have an old teletype printer that won’t print BECAUSE IT IS OLD TECHNOLOGY. Same thing. No need to be rude.


I’m sorry no one responded to your previous post:

You don’t throw current tech (your cams) in the trash. You sell or donate your obsolete tech (your phone) and replace with current tech. Samsung discontinued your phone model 4 years ago and declared it “obsolete”, hence no further updates. Your phone carrier followed suit only providing critical carrier-related patches. Since your phone can’t be upgraded to Android 7 for numerous reasons, most importantly security, most app developers, including Wyze, no longer allow their latest software versions to be loaded and run on your phone. As other users have correctly noted, obsolescence is not limited to phones. It is unfortunately something we have to learn to live with in order to use modern technology. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Wow his equipment is way behind in technology and Security, I buy a new Samsung note last year,and have ordered the new nite 22 ultra the specs are great 14GB Ram,512Gb Rom on the model I pre ordered

The Samsung NOTE 22 Ultra has a screen size of 6.9 inches. Reminds me of these: A modern phone

I prefer a screen size less than 4.5 inches … any ideas for a “new” Android phone.

You can get a new iPhone they have a small model we have allways bought the number 1 android when they came out,go to your carrier website site and look at there models

I’ll drop some reality in here for y’all.

Wyze inc. could easily post an APK file on some support page of the last version to support Android 6, or whatever other versions Wyze decided to use as a cutoff to drop support for.

Until the day these products arrive in a package that states an expiry date, NO SUCH DATE EXISTS. and the consumer has every reason to expect the property they buy to continue to work as long as they own it. 1 year, 3 years, 10 years, 25 years. Really it’s none of your or Wyze’ business how long someone wants to keep their own property.

If Wyze Inc. causes someone’s cameras to stop working because of a conscious business decision of their own free volition, they are civilly liable for the damage they cause including the full retail value of replacement cameras.

Look around next time you go into a business and look at their cameras. They’re very often old as cameras are a long term investment, and they are expected to work until they are physically damaged or the owner chooses to upgrade them. Period.


This is my previous phone before I purchased my first smart phone in Sept.2020. And by the way my wife has to get a new phone because Verizon 3G goes away in Dec.2022.

We were notified many times from wyze over the last 26 months looks like you did not know about it, it all falls down to security,technology, the 5G here in the U.S. was fired up last week…and it’s great

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So you no longer have copper phone lines? I suspect if you did, you could wire this to work. (At least for incoming calls.)


I still have this and it works.

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Did I ever say I didn’t receive their recent messages?

Try this: Write a letter to your local Sheriff’s office warning them that you’re going to be burning down their office in the next 26 months. Then write them again every month for good measure. Then go do it.

All the “notifications” in the world won’t alleviate you of the consequences of your actions. And you know that.

Not once did Wyze obtain my permission. Nor that of gabpsy. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say just about zero people gave their permission to de-activate or disable hardware that Wyze doesn’t own.

There is a world of difference between notice and consent. And you’re skimming right over it. You and someone at Wyze have their head in the sand regarding property rights.

The only form of notice that would suffice as consent is clear product marking/advertisement BEFORE THE TIME OF PURCHASE. And that is all I ask.

Label it (Works until 2026) or whenever you think is appropriate balance between making your product valuable, and reserving for yourself the convenience of not supporting old platforms.

It worked on Android 6 WHEN HE BOUGHT IT. WHEN THE TRANSACTION OCCURRED. So that was the terms of the transaction. If Wyze is voiding those terms now, they need to issue a prepaid return shipping label and a refund.