My cams are useless

I cannot disagree with you more.
I also have my CP/M computer from 1978 - and it still works great, and I can run the CP/M and even DOC. I also have the Adam computer that runs CP/M from music tape and it works great. I cannot install Windows on it , but I can do programming in BASIC.
The point is the old hardware should remain useable regardless passage of time. WYZE hardware should remain useable after WYZE goes out of business - but it will not only because they want to monetize you.

A Wyze cam is a cloud-connected IOT device. Your CP/M machine is not.

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Seapup, plz, I don’t want to speak out of turn, so correct me if I’m wrong, but the CamV2 and V3 originally did NOT connect to the cloud and did their recording on the SD chip. I understand that y’all are improving the length and detection of those and other products such as the doorbell camera (which is great, btw)… but that shouldn’t stop the V2 and V3 from functioning as they did originally and without connecting to the cloud. I guess I’m not following the reasoning behind having APK available for Android 6.0. They simply won’t put on the newer updates as y’all develop them, so their cameras will continue to function exactly the same way as the day they purchased them. This will in no fashion hender Wyze’s ability to progress their products with newer technology and simply leaves gabpsy running the cameras and phones they have. When it comes time for gabpsy to upgrade their phone, then they can download the latest updates and viola… they’re caught up.
When we released our software versions, and quit updating older versions, we still had our older software available for download for companies that were happy staying down at the lower versions. Why in the world can’t Wyze do the same thing???
Seems simple enough. I’m neither asking Wyze to quit developing new tech, nor forcing gabpsy and other users to upgrade their phones just so their cameras continue to work.

All Wyze cam versions connect to the cloud for authentication and most Wyze cams connect to the cloud for 14-day event storage.

This post has a link to a post from a Wyze employee and addresses the possibility of making an Android 6 .apk available for those who can’t upgrade to Android 7+.

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Actually Seapup, that link doesn’t have information about the V2 and V3 connecting to the cloud…only the doorbell cam. as a matter of fact,

Qwen’s last sentence says pretty much what I’m saying: "The current app will continue to work but you won’t be able to update it to the newer versions if you have an OS below the cutoff. So the basic camera streaming is good to go. "

That link doesn’t say anything about all products authenticating to the cloud. I don’t believe the V2 and V3 always connected to the cloud for authentication… and I’ll bet the older APK doesn’t force that either.

It kinda sounds like there are some assumptions being made that may or may not be legit. Maybe ask Qwen and others if it truly must force people to upgrade their phone OS’s just to run V2 and V3 cameras on older APK versions that work with older phones.

Not sure how you are associating this statement to v2 and v3 authentication. It solely addresses the possibility of an Android 6 .apk.

In reference to connecting to the cloud, v2 and v3 cams are included in “All Wyze cam versions”.

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I haven’t seen the “all wyze cam versions…” statement in any of Qwen’s postings, only your postings.

I mean… Hey… this isn’t my battle. I have updated phone and V2, V3, and doorbell works just fine. I’ve never been a huge fan of the cloud … there really is no such thing as “the cloud” it’s just someone else’s computer you’re storing on or authenticating to.

I was just trying to make a suggestion to help the little guys. I know we successfully left older versions of our software available and it didn’t stop us from moving forward with new tech and new ideas, including using cloud storage and auth. but that’s another software storage story completely.

So sorry, gabpsy, I’m bowing out of this discussion. Good luck, hope they are able to do something to help you. Seapup, hope I didn’t ruffle your feathers too much… indicative when your answers were starting to become shorter and shorter.

Keep on keepin’ on!
Dabassmann out.

Not ruffled at all. Most of my replies here are succinct. Unless I add screenshots that need explanation in order help a user. And thank you for helping out. :+1:

Nice post. That’s how I think but I’m usually alone on my island lol I haven’t used my camera’s much since I got them as I’m not very tech savvy but joined this information forum hoping to change that. We’ll see. haha Anyways, just liked your reply alot and am all about holding Companies accountable as I feel that has been lost in our society these days. Have a good one!

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@Seapup Can you confirm you do not know of a public apk archive or android 6 apk?

You linked a couple places earlier and it sounded like there might have been one, but I dug in and could not find one from your references and I don’t want anyone else to go on a wild goose chase if they don’t have to.

I did find this thread, where we can “vote” that we want something like that:

I’ve voted, for whatever that’s worth, and I’d hope the rest of you do too if you agree.

I want to know that I can put a cam on the wall, and buy a tablet today to watch said cam, and glue it to the wall too, and that if I use both of them for nothing else, they will work the way I bought them, until one of them physically breaks.

I think that is also the expectation of the consumer too. Ask your neighbor. Ask your family.

If that means I have to forfeit updates on both devices, fine. If that means they won’t “be secure”, that’s my decision to make and nobody else’.

To implement this, any time an “UPdate” or “UPgrade” reduces compatibility (arguably not an upgrade then), there should be a clear explanation given to the user on a warning screen, and an option not to be bugged about updating ever again if they decide not to accept it.

I could easily imagine the EU creating something like this. Because of them, the whole world basically gets GDPR protections. Maybe they can “force” clear, fair, cloud practices too.

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Thx for adding the link to VOTE which I have now voted as well. I’ve used Wyze products for 3 years now and have recommended them to friends. So far I’ve only had 1 camera fail, and it was my fault due to location in a rainy area.

My outdoor cameras have become useless. The Base station will not let me access it to attempt to reprogram. Says my account belongs to someone else. There seems to be no easy way to reset this system. I do not have the time nor the inclination to screw around on line with forums and such or setting up appointments for chats to get this system back on line.
The scorecard -
WYZE VACUUM works fine after a year or so in service. check
WYZE Wristwatch - Piece of junk. Loses info doesn’t reconnect. I guess it was worth the $20 I paid for it. Returned it once - that was a joyous process. You would think I had stolen it. Put it back in the box
WYZE outdoor cameras (2) Great when they first went on line. Now won’t connect.
Base Station. Cannot access it. Tells me I should contact the account owner - Hey, that me.

This is a company that seems to be obsessed with releasing new products that are maybe beta+ testing phase and letting the buyer work out the kinks on forum pages. Do you have the time to do this? I don’t. I have a life and I expect the products I buy to serve me with no temperamental moments. When software goes down I expect to be able to bring it back and not be frustrated with how to reset.

Fortunately this was not a costly experience. The things that don’t work, well maybe someday I will get around to messing with them. I’m kind of figuring if the geeks that run this company send me the instruction to reset the base station it might come back together; then maybe I’ll pay attention to the new products.

Wow, on point. I have always struggled with support. All they know what to do is read what comes up on their screen. CAN NOT think for themselves and it seems they never escalate or maybe Wyze management doesn’t give them the protocol to do so. Long story on the door bell, too long to go in to it here. I thought I was the only one that had these feelings.

Thank you M.

I neglected to say I had the doorbell which works just fine. A very confusing company

I have tried four different smart doorbells and I have yet to find a single one that takes being a doorbell as seriously as a $0.15 doorbell switch from home Depot.

I thought the wyze brand one didn’t even ring the actual doorbell anymore but some separate speaker device that wise sells.

Good luck with your vacuum. Just make sure you keep its firmware updated. And be ready for it to stop vacuuming at the end of February if you don’t have the right version of the app, and a new enough phone to run that app.

This nonsense is exactly why smart guns are a terrible idea. IoT web 2.0 cloud “enabled” (crippled) nonsense devices are nothing more of it silly expensive toys that don’t take their actual alleged purpose seriously.

I’m just glad these guys don’t design or fix aircraft

Best regards
M Perry

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I agree. My cam 3s have become useless decorations after “updating sometime around Dec. 22. My older cam 2 in the garage still functions with a weaker signal. I wish I could take back these cameras and get my wasted money back.

Seems that there is a good number dissatisfied customers that rightly believe they are being ignored and abused by this company.

Any interest in a Class Action Lawsuit? Lets face it, they are selling products that are used for security as well as personal convivence and are missing the mark more than hitting it.

I dislike being scamming and it certainly seems like it

Boeing doesn’t do such a great job either. Check the max 8 crashes. When Wyze software glitches it doesn’t kill 180 people.

Go for it. This’ll be fun to watch.