App update android

Recently my android note 20 got a software update. My wyze app keeps popping up a notice to update it. However, when I go to the store it doesn’t show any updates. I’m guessing It’s still in the works? TIA

My girlfriend has the same message on her old Samsung 5 mini running android 6. My android 11 phone will update from google play and is running 2.28. However any phone running android 6 and below will not show, update or install wyze above 2.22.21. So far I have not detected any issues on her phone apart from not being able to use cam plus as she is a shared used account (which means no devices are allocated to her username) and of course the update nag screen that will pop up every time she opens the app.
You will just have to get used to clicking off the nag screen every time and don’t try to update as this will never happen. Eventually of course the minimum requirement for downloading the app from google will include supplying a household environmental policy, running android 99 and owning a Tesla. I had hoped wyze would clarify the position on this but their responses so far have been less than helpful and about as definitive as a whitehouse press conference.

If companies start this crap they’ll soon find themselves out of business. I dropped 5 businesses so far and gone where they care about their customers.