My Cam OG not streaming in Web View

It is subscribed to Cam plus

For whatever it’s worth, mine works (the only one powered up at this time).

I have been trying to use the web view for my new CAM OG but it doesn’t show me a live view.

What does it show or not show?
What I mean by that is does that camera show up at all as an available camera on WebView, or show “Live Stream requires Cam Plus.”, or not at all. If it shows up as an available camera, it is black or is there an image, and if you select the play icon, what happens?

The camera does show up. It has a picture of what the camera would show but when you click the play button it never plays. I do have Cam Plus on that camera, but it never plays the live stream.


Web View is definitely not 100%. As I said a few days ago, my OG-Tele was working fine for live view, but a little while after my post a couple hours ago, it was not working on the OG-Tele. Just brought it back up now and it is working- along with several other cameras I brought up.

Events via Web Live View are NOT working on any camera however - haven’t for a couple weeks.

Swapped out an OG for a Cam3 and web live view didn’t work. Did a remote restart of the OG camera and then live view sort of works but it’s only refreshing a few times a minute. So now I have something like 10 frames per MINUTE video. Video is good if I’m using the app. Wi-fi signal strength is strong. I have two other Cam3s on the same wifi and they are doing fine on the web live view. Not sure what to think. Maybe there is some kind of interference at the location the camera is placed which affects OG cameras more than Cam3 cameras?