"Mute Selected" option for Notifications

When creating rules to activate or mute notifications, there are basically two options:

  1. Mute All or Unmute All
  2. Create a rule and add each device one at a time and specify to turn notifications on or off - very tedious!!

Can we please have an option to “Mute/Unmute Selected” ?
The options would provide a list of all devices and either a checkbox or slider for each device to mute or turn off/on the notifications for each device accordingly. This would greatly simply rule creation and management for controlling notifications, which can be very tedious when you need to manage notifications individually for many cameras.

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Great idea!:+1:
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While not quite as fine-grained as your suggestion: if you put like devices in a group, you can create a rule that enables/disables notifications on that group as a whole.

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Loki that doesn’t seem to be an option.

Create Rules > Schedule > Mute Notifications > Universal Action > pick your camera > turn on or off (motion detect, the camera itself, or notifications) NO option for muting during scheduled times.

I think we need the option to toggle notifications for different products. For example, I don’t want notifications for camera movements while I’m home, but maybe I would want notifications for doors opening.
This will especially become true when the doorbell is released. I want a notification and sound every time the doorbell is pressed, but I still don’t want the notification when there is movement in my living room.

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I think every user would vote for this.

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This is an awesome idea @Cap!
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I may be misunderstanding the actual request, but cant you already toggle what notifications you want to have?

Yes and no. I can turn off/on notifications for sense and movement, but only manually. Wyze only gives us the ability to universally turn everything off/on thru rules or 3rd party rules. As of now I’d have to go to each product and switch off/on if I want notifications. I’d like to leave doorbell notifications on indefinitely, but have all others trigger when I want (time, location).

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I agree a toggle option would be nice…if you want to be able to see all the push notifications at one time rather than selecting each product and setting each one up individually especially if you have a lot of devices.

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This is a major annoyance. I want to always have my front door notifications on. But want to turn off notifications for my indoor cams when I’m home/away. IFTTT is all or nothing. You can turn on “motion detection” individually but I want those still logged. Please let us pick which cams to toggle notifications.

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Still no update. I want doorbell notifications on always, even if I mute all the cam notifications

Hello! One way to significantly improve the app/user experience is to give the option to mute individual device notifications. Right now, the only option is to mute ALL notifications for ALL devices in the app. Other than that, users are only able individually turn off notifications for each device they don’t wish to receive notifications for. I wish there was a way to mute some notifications vice turning them off while leaving others on/un-muted. This would allow much more flexibility in rule generation and create a better overall experience.

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ABSOLUTELY, there are some (like lock open/close) that I ONLY care at night time and are a pain during the day, while other notifications, I am interested all day long. Great suggestion,

Wyze, PLEASE ADD this feature enhancement!


I wish I had read this prior to removing my Ring and installing the Wyze Door bell. Now i have to uninstall Wyze reinstall Ring and send Wyze back. How absurb. I still love all my other Wyze Cams though.