Multiple Wyze Locks on a single gateway

I received my two Wyze Locks yesterday and installed the first one on the back door. I plugged the gateway in about 15 ft (5 m) from the door. Setting up, configuring and calibrating worked well.

Next I installed the second Wyze lock on the side door. It was about 25 ft from the first gateway. When I tried to pair it I always got an error message that pairing failed. I moved the gateway closer (15 ft and then 3 ft) and it still failed which the gateway could still see and control the first lock which was now more than 25 ft away.

I read online that a gateway could control up to 10 Wyze locks

I am pretty sure that it will work with two gateways but would rather use one. I submitted a support request but have not heard back from Wyze.

UPDATE: I was on a call with Wyze support and received conflicting messages.
First I was told that each lock needed it’s own gateway and when I mentioned that online it said that each gateway would support up to 10 lock, they checked with Level 2 and then confirmed.
Still I could not get the second lock to pair with the first gatway so I just installed the second gateway to get things going.

I can tell you from experience you can connect multiple locks to one gateway as I have 2 on 1 gateway now. If your doors are too far apart you may have to use 2 gateways.

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Wyze support also told me that you could only connect one per Gateway, but after reading otherwise (otherWyze :slight_smile: ) here I got two connected to the same gateway, both about 13 ft from the door.

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Anyone doing 3 locks off a single gateway assuming there aren’t range issues? I have a lock on my cabin shed but likely too far away. Thanks!